Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Diva's exhibition at Rojo Art Space

Diva's new book published by ROJO / Divas Solo exhibition at ROJO art space bcn

I was lucky to catch DIVA's exhibition at ROJO ART SPACE in Barcelona, Spain. The exhibition
recently just closed so you wont be able to see it in person, but i did collect these photos.
DIVA told me she had to transform the whole space to make the enviroment she wanted for her works. She worked with ROJO and changed the lighting system, painted the walls and hung the show her self. The outcome was truly something special, walking in to the long corridor of a space I felt like I was walking it to a top notch art gallery in New York. Diva is just as delicate and sweet as her images, and this exhibition was celebration of her new book. You can find out more about DIVA's book here on ROJO.

About her book: SOL NEGRO
Reflecting the current state of her artistic evolution, the series Sol Negro coincides with the launch of the new compilation book of the same name. Human birds and mammals which behave like insects, and humanoid hybrids donning aerial and aquatic vegetation. Solitary beings, mating beings and communal beings. Entities which unfold, ethereal and earthly at the same time. Fossilized, nourished by the matter of the world, rooted in the surface of the atmosphere, like an extension of the essential nature of perpetual flow. Bright specters, both material and intangible, which exist, and are possible, by depending on their inner sense of light, their vibrant bind which allows them to be, and to be seen.

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