Monday, January 5, 2009

Intoxicated Demons Gallery presents Andreas Pistner and a new Secret Gallery

Intoxicated Demons gallery in Berlin has some great shows lined up for the new year. To kick it off this January opens a solo show with artist Andreas Pistner, a 28 year old artist from Wiesbaden (Germany) that just finished art school.

Andreas is constantly working on ideas to bring some “fresh & ancient” life into his character designs by using the so-called “aquatinta-etching” technique.
Character Landscapes by Andreas Pistner
Opening Reception: January 9th

Also this month ID.G will open the SECRET GALLERY as an offical part of the whole gallery project. So be sure not to miss the official take-over of 5 floors of fresh art in january, starting with artist Stefan Thompson.

Stefan Thompson. 28 year old canadian artist. He studied environmental science at Carleton University. Realizing that he as a painter was even a part of the ecological problem brought him to rethink and rearrange the way he works as a painter. After much experimentation and research he finally phased out the use of all toxic paints by may 2007. He describes himself as still in a process of learning about all the those things. Animals and the natural world are dominant themes in his work, which in turn led him to make his art environmentally friendly.

Visit Intoxicated Demons for more information HERE!

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