Friday, January 2, 2009

This Month! NOBODY WALKS IN LA: art event in Barcelona! Stay Tuned!

This month in BARCELONA!! Daily duJour LA and Atticus Gallery BCN have teamed up to bring some of the most exciting emerging contemporary Los Angeles based artists to Barcelona for an exhibition during the international Bread and Butter fashion Fair. The newly launched wanted to make an immediate splash internationally and was only too happy to work with the young and fresh Barcelona based Atticus Gallery, whose director Tina Ziegler has strong ties to California and Los Angeles.

The show has been titled “Nobody Walks in LA,” as a reference to the stereotypical idea that Los Angeles residents are all the same – when the reality is that Los Angeles has become one of the most diverse cities and cultural melting pots in the world. The artists in the show represent that melding of culture and styles with everything from urban street to abstract expressionism. Artists in the show are both LA natives and transplants.

The exhibition will take place on Jan. 23, 2009, at the beautiful Master Art ,300 meters sq. gallery location .

TO STAY INFORMED ABOUT THIS EVENT please visit the blog!

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