Sunday, March 15, 2009

The art work of Timothy Hon Hung Lee

So awhile back I received an email from artist Timothy Hon Hung Lee from the UK. He kindly asked me to have a look at his art work. I did and what I found had me griping my computer in two hands and staring dangerously close to the screen to take in every detail and line of pen work. Now since im living in London, I was blessed with Timothy visiting me at the gallery. He came by to have a chat and actually gave me the honor of seeing his original pen and ink drawings in a personal enviroment. They are more than incredible. The many intense hours that go in to these drawings and the complete no mistake policy they require have me in a state of WOW. Not only are they pretty large scale but there is not one section he leaves out, from the detail of a flower to the smallest strand of hair, you really get an idea of just how dedicated of a guy he is. On top of it all he is more humble than allowed for someone with this kind of talent.

In April I will be doing an interview with Timothy, and you will be able to get it first here on Hunt & Gather. But till then have a look at this great interview he did, it is beautifully edited.

See more of Timothy's work here on his website!

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