Friday, March 20, 2009

The launch of LeBasse Projects in Culver City

I am very happy to be posting this launch for the new LeBasse Projects gallery in Culver city. For all of us that are huge fans of the old Project Gallery and the many artists that they represent, its very exciting to know that such a great gallery has gone even bigger and better, opening up a much bigger space with a great collection of artists. CONGRATS Beau Basse, the founder and director of LeBasse Projects.. He is just one awesome guy.!

LeBasse Projects will be launching their inaugural gallery exhibition ‘Vous Avez Eté Juste Servi’ at a newly remodeled 2400 sq/ft gallery space in the heart of Culver City’s Art District. Over the past two years, the former project:gallery has established itself as a center for developing some of the most highly talked about emerging talent. The inaugural exhibition will showcase an exciting array of international artists that will be showing with the gallery in 2009.

The show will include Yoskay Yamamoto (Japan), Meryl Donoghue (UK), Tessar Lo (Indonesia), Koralie (France), Melissa Haslam (Australia), Brian Donnelly (Canada), Ryuichi Ogino (Japan), Lisa Alisa (Russia), Kentaro Hiramatsu (Japan), Nate Frizzell, Edwin Ushiro, Amanda Visell, Eric Fortune, Jason Redwood, Scott Belcastro, Alicia Ross, Jack Long, Michele Valigura, Laura Ball and Casey Ruble.

The opening reception will be supported by Gen Art, a leading arts and entertainment organization in Los Angeles, as well as across the country. Gen Art is dedicated to showcasing emerging fashion designers, filmmakers, musicians and visual artists and is partnering to launch the new LeBasse Projects as part of their continuing support of cutting edge contemporary art.

Music and Beverages sponsored by Gen Art. Food by Kogi.

Opening Reception: Saturday, March 21st from 7-11pm

Visit the gallery for more information.


beau b said...

wish you were here tina!

Amy Rice said...

Jennifer Davis is a wonderful person and a fantastic artist. Previous incarnations of this gallery have refused to pay her for paintings they sold. If you are an artist please beware of unscrupulous gallery owners-If you are an art collector/ buyer please do not support this gallery.