Friday, April 24, 2009

Specter at the Royal Ontario Museum

Its becoming a common sight, seeing street artists and new contemporary artists being exhibited in Museums across the globe.. is that not just amazing! Well artist Specter, from Canada has just finished a four story installation at the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, And its truly something to see. Specter is seriously one of my favorite street artists, he is extremely innovative and his creativity sees no boundaries. Again I am stunned! This one is to say it... AWESOME!

This is what Specter has to say about it, " This project was completed in two very
hectic months. If you are interest to see the work you can go to my
website in the project section I have also
attached a few photos of the project for you extra busy people.

Thanks for all your support
Gabriel Specter "

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Anonymous said...

AMAZING!!!!! This is so cool. Defineately another fantastic piece from Specter