Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Swimming Cities

Wooster collective sent out their daily update and today it was following a project that street artists and mastermind SWOON is involved in... I had to check in to this, being a huge fan of her work I was directed to their website www.swimmingcities.org..

This is not a normal art project, and be prepared to be extremely impressed and just overwhelmed with excitement and jealousy for these guys. They are creating boats, or as the title suggests, swimming cities. To me they look like Peter Pans Never never land, or what you may find on a river in Alice in wonderland. Its just so freaking awesome! They are making them by hand, and are traveling through rivers. At the moment they are based in Slovenia building rafts.. This is what SWOON has to say, (quotes taken from Wooster Collective)

" i am writing from slovenia, building rafts again! we are camped out in ankaran slovenia at a marina who's very kind and generous owners are letting us use their boat yard to build, and their jetties to launch our pontoons and continue building afloat. above are pictures of the first pontoon launch, the model for the new raft, and the new raft's deck in progress.it's beautiful out here, the sea is intimidating, but there are lots of canals we can travel on windy days.we're early in our build phase, but already the wonder and surprise on people's faces when we explain what we are up to is reminding me of why we do these things.i made two small prints, the sale of which will help us buy food and fuel and tools and all the thousand spinning parts we need to make this thing real. here's a link to them:


ok, wish us luck!"

... Swoon"

So yes, she also has amazing prints available. Im purchasing mine as soon as I get my cash through, I just hope they are not gone by tomorrow! If you can, donate to this amazing project. or just send them an email to tell them how awesome they are!
You have to see the rest of the images from this !! GO HERE

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