Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two great shows open at LeBasse Projects

The new LeBasse Projects gallery, just a month old and already one really nice and impressive gallery. This April the 11th, opens two solo shows from some seriously talented artists that are just breaking out of that Emerging aritsts title, and in to " SERIOUSLY serious stuff"

This April the 11th from 7pm to 10pm opens...

Tessar Lo, one of the new additions to Hunt & Gathers art book, which by the way hits stores this September, "Future Perfect," is the first solo exhibition from artist Tessar Lo.

A bit about Tessar:

Lo developed his first solo show around the idea that the future is completely unforeseeable. Only in our dreams can the future be a utopia, and while anything is ultimately possible, the reality is we do not know where we will find ourselves.

Lo’s paintings often depict these ideas and emotions he cannot easily express in words. While on the surface Lo’s work often has the feel of an intimate storybook, upon closer inspection we see a deep sense of vulnerability and loneliness. The paintings for his solo exhibition continue to develop these feelings as he states his desire to be an island - alone, not needing to rely or respond to anyone but himself. The series of paintings are also larger in scale than anything Lo has worked on before, partly directed from his fear of being a merely decorative artist and partly from his increased confidence in his craft.

Read the Hunt and Gather Interview " A Road going Somewhere Special" with Tessar Lo HERE!

The other show that I have awaiting to see is by artists ERIC FORTUNE, if you have not heard of him..then you have been living in one very dark cave, as he is the next thing you need to be looking out for. He is one skill ful guy with a paint brush. Leave it to LEBASSE PROJECTS to discover the next best thing.
Eric Fortune's solo show is titled LOST IN LIGHT, and also opens on April the 11th.

About Eric Fortune:
Fortune has turned his eye towards a career in contemporary figurative art after spending years as an accomplished illustrator. Fortune will present a series of new paintings in our project room and provide us with his largest body of work to date. Fortune has sold out all of his original artwork to date and looks to continue giving his expanding collector base a reason to line up for new paintings.

Get more information on LEBASSE PROJECTS website here, and make sure you attend the opneing on April 11th, if your around Culver City. Its just crazy how much goes on in that area!

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