Saturday, June 20, 2009

SUPREME BROSHIP opening reception and a week of greatness

Last Thursday saw the opening of Jim Mahfood and Scott C.'s two man SUPREME BROSHIP exhibition at London Miles Gallery..reason for the late post is because I just recovered from the most awesome past 10 days ever. Both Jim and Scott flew on over to London along with Nerdcore's Jon Gibson and Derek Puelston. London had no idea just how much of a force these guys are, they came, they conqured and distroyed. They painted the city red..and I mean that litterally. They covered london and caused greatness to happen.

The opening reception saw a massive crowd crammed in to the gallery space and loads of laughs as viewers looked around and enjoyed Scott C.'s humorous watercolor paintings of ninjas playing ball, tree heads watering happy plants and awesome knights and giants. Jim and Scott's collaboration pieces are seriously so awesome, the combination of their two unique styles really works...its ozzing with style. The boys were buzzing the whole evening, signing comics, prints and talking with fans. Tara McPherson and Phil Corbett were in attendance showing some love!

If you missed it, then go by the gallery website and check the photos and the whole collection of artwork is there on line for your viewing pleasure.. it so worth 10 min. of your life .. so go now!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Glowlab presents DRIFT- a Swoon studio exhibition

Glowlab is pleased to present Drift, a group exhibition by artists Matthew Lusk, Santiago Mostyn, Javier Piñón and Swoon. The show is timed to coincide with the voyage of the Swimming Cities of Serenissima, a fleet of three intricately handcrafted vessels currently navigating the Adriatic Sea from the Karst region of Slovenia to Venice, Italy just in time to ‘crash’ the Venice Biennale. Glowlab has supported Swoon’s raft projects from their conception and the independent spirit of the rafts is the driving force behind this exhibition.

The title, Drift, refers to both physical drifting – a raft as it moves across the ocean – and the metaphorical drifting of transient communities and populations that live on the fringes of mainstream society. These contemporary nomads are icons representing the challenges and possibilities of forging identities in places both physical and emotional that lie far beyond where most are willing to venture.

Contact: Glowlab Director Christina Ray
Phone: 718.388.5911 . Email: info @

Exhibition dates: June 11–July 26, 2009
Opening Reception: Thursday, June 11 . 7–9pm
Admission: free
Gallery hours: Tuesday-Sunday . 12-6pm
Location: 30 Grand Street between Thompson St. and 6th Ave. . Travel info: A/C/E train to Canal Street
Event link:

'Shoeshiners' C215 at Signal Gallery London

The solo exhibition "ShoeShiners" Opens tonight at Signal Gallery, featuring all original stencil artwork from the amazing C215, French street artists. This is a show that has got me very excited and Im really looking forward to attending the private viewing this evening.. Ill make sure to get some photos.

Here is the information:

The renowned and enigmatic street artist C215 (aka Christian Guémy) comes to Signal Gallery for his first ever London show. This show offers the UK public a rare opportunity to see a body of his work together in one place.

Graffiti is marking territory by catching attention to a name (then placing it at the wrong place) while street art aims at placing art in the right place, as if it should have been there forever. C215

About the show (words by C215)
I have met many street shoe-shiners during my trips around the world. They represent the lower class of urban workers. Almost beggars, they construct their boxes from a light and cheap material, just one handmade box containing brushes and creams offering a job that less and less people need. When they get a customer, the working dynamic turns into a humiliating symbol - one bending before the other, polishing his shoes, while the superior one gets annoyed or bored, looking around. Shoe-shining, in French, gave birth to numerous ways of describing flattery: "polishing", "shining", "boots-licker"... The lost pride of real street shoe-shiners is easy to encompass with such words, but are we not all discretely licking arses everyday to promote ourselves?

About the artist
C215 is a 35 year old street-art junkie living in Paris. His charismatic and political images pop up around the world - India, Israel, Brasil, Poland, USA, Senegal, Morocco and numerous European countries. He has a huge global following on the net – through his published images and videos on youtube, myspace and flickr.

Private View 18th June 2009 6pm - 9pm
Open from 19th June - 11th July 2009
Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 6pm

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Royal on Format Magazine

Royal aka Juan Carlos Noria has been given a space on Format Magazine to speak his mind. His daily blog gives you insight in to the great art of Royal, but also a way to get to know him on another level, where he speaks his mind and shares his images and artworks. Go by and give some support and lets try to get his blog in the spotlight.

Go NOW. to Royal's blog on Format Magazine HERE

Today in London- Meeting of Styles

End of the Line is proud to host the London Meeting of Styles, showcasing the best of freehand Graffiti that the UK has to offer. We have invited a selection of the strongest painters from across the globe to collaborate with the Best of British in a live painting exhibition of epic proportions.

The event will span two days and is now an open air graffiti jam, dj's and beats on friday and live music and bands on saturday. The is a free event and open to all ages. Rodney P and Skitz, Lazy Habits, No1 Station and a host of London's finest will be pumping out Ska, Hip Hop, DubStep, Roots, Beats and Pieces for your ears.

The MOS artist Lineup 2009 :

Home grown

Nash, Does, Biser, Wany, Aryz, Heat, Nychos, Bird, Inkie, Probs, Zomby, Tizer, Zadok, Bleach, Bonzai, Insa, Solo, Busk, Twesh, Odisie, Roid, Snug, Skore, Aztek, Ekto, Sune, Xenz, Izer, Are, Stika, Teck, Rabodiga, Vibes, Town, Chrome, Intro, Replete, Cheo, Soker, Casm, Wisher, Jive, Sorn, Noir, Urge, Keen, Pryme, Mac1, Krah, Sick IR, Sares, Cosh, Jasik, Alfa, Relay, Pref, Mau Mau, Shok, Skire, Ebzke, Amuk.

Painters will be painting on hoarding, walls and specially built panels on Bacon, Cygnet & Sclater Street, at the beigel end of Brick lane.
Blog for the event:
Friday 5th / Saturday 6th june
nearest tube station is liverpool street station on the central line. Addess is:
sclater, cygnet and bacon street map: e1 6hr

Jim Mahfood and Scott C. in London on June 11th

London Miles Gallery in London has a show coming up that will have you shaken in your shoes with excitement.. well at least it has me very excited! Jim Mahfood and Scott C. are the Supreme Broship and are having their first collaboration show in London opening on Thursday June 11th, from 7pm to 10pm at the London Miles gallery, located in Notting Hill, London.

Both Jim and Scott will be in attendance for the opening, and I hear there will even be some live
painting on one of those pretty females that Jim seems to easly attract.. I mean who wouldnt want to be painted on by Jim Mahfood and Scott C??? ummm..
Basically if you Live in London you have no excuse not to come to this!

All artworks will be avaliable on the london miles website for purchase, no matter where your located, you will be able to get your hands on some of the great art these guys have produced for this show.. The collaboration pieces are AMAAAAAAAAZING!!

and for any questions:

Opening reception: June 11th, 7 to 10pm
On show until July 5th.

SUPREME BROSHIP: June 11th, 2009 at London Miles Gallery

PDX Art interview with J. Shea

Richard from PDX sat down with artist/ scuptor JShea 9 and wah la, this great interview was born. Get a cup of tea and have a read, it really is a nice insight in to the JShea's work and vision.

Did you always feel the call to be an artist ?

I've always enjoyed creating.......I studied illustration because I thought it might give me a better chance to work in the arts........that was my goal..............and still is.........make a living making its commercial.......personal........whatever......lock some skills in and
earn while being creative.........
after gigs in illustration.........sneaker design........puppet fabrication........and rock poster art, I began to focus more on my own ideas for personal art...........combining painting, sculpture, assemblage and installation........

Do you consider your self an urban artist and what is an urban artist?

no.....not really........i have done a fair amount street art in cities i've lived in..........but that kind of work i do is very i paint with brushes in lone corners of the city......its not like graffiti or wheat pasting ,where folks are "getting up" to be seen.......i just do little street paintings in my really have to look for them.......but its fun to go out at night and paint...........there's enough visual stimulation already with advertising.........sometimes when you see a little original painting mixed makes you smile.....i hope.....

urban artist.....? i always thought it was someone who had roots in graffiti...........or some other form of street art.........i know many artist's who consider themselves "post graph"....
and they are amazing painters..............though i've never heard them consider themselves "urban artist".......even though they still go out and paint at night.......i think a gallery curator came up with that label.............

Even though you paint beautifully I see that you like to work with sculpture ?

For the past few years I've been focused on "my style of sculpture"........combining assemblage, found objects and clay modeling........because I enjoy all those forms of art............and felt no one was really combining all those mediums...........i love painting too.........but its limiting in many ways.......i guess i want there to more dimension to my the process in making the sculpture is alot more involved ............i really enjoy its process......

Where do you find the unique pieces for them?
I enjoy the process of scavenging through flea markets,thrift stores,and yard sales looking for junk........mostly old things.......broken and forgotten..........but they still have an essence of craft and quality to me.........maybe because most things made today are plastic and disposable....
made with no attention to detail or craftsmanship..............nothing is handed down like an old tool,toy or record .......its just thrown away.......