Thursday, June 18, 2009

'Shoeshiners' C215 at Signal Gallery London

The solo exhibition "ShoeShiners" Opens tonight at Signal Gallery, featuring all original stencil artwork from the amazing C215, French street artists. This is a show that has got me very excited and Im really looking forward to attending the private viewing this evening.. Ill make sure to get some photos.

Here is the information:

The renowned and enigmatic street artist C215 (aka Christian Guémy) comes to Signal Gallery for his first ever London show. This show offers the UK public a rare opportunity to see a body of his work together in one place.

Graffiti is marking territory by catching attention to a name (then placing it at the wrong place) while street art aims at placing art in the right place, as if it should have been there forever. C215

About the show (words by C215)
I have met many street shoe-shiners during my trips around the world. They represent the lower class of urban workers. Almost beggars, they construct their boxes from a light and cheap material, just one handmade box containing brushes and creams offering a job that less and less people need. When they get a customer, the working dynamic turns into a humiliating symbol - one bending before the other, polishing his shoes, while the superior one gets annoyed or bored, looking around. Shoe-shining, in French, gave birth to numerous ways of describing flattery: "polishing", "shining", "boots-licker"... The lost pride of real street shoe-shiners is easy to encompass with such words, but are we not all discretely licking arses everyday to promote ourselves?

About the artist
C215 is a 35 year old street-art junkie living in Paris. His charismatic and political images pop up around the world - India, Israel, Brasil, Poland, USA, Senegal, Morocco and numerous European countries. He has a huge global following on the net – through his published images and videos on youtube, myspace and flickr.

Private View 18th June 2009 6pm - 9pm
Open from 19th June - 11th July 2009
Tuesday – Saturday 12 – 6pm

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