Saturday, June 20, 2009

SUPREME BROSHIP opening reception and a week of greatness

Last Thursday saw the opening of Jim Mahfood and Scott C.'s two man SUPREME BROSHIP exhibition at London Miles Gallery..reason for the late post is because I just recovered from the most awesome past 10 days ever. Both Jim and Scott flew on over to London along with Nerdcore's Jon Gibson and Derek Puelston. London had no idea just how much of a force these guys are, they came, they conqured and distroyed. They painted the city red..and I mean that litterally. They covered london and caused greatness to happen.

The opening reception saw a massive crowd crammed in to the gallery space and loads of laughs as viewers looked around and enjoyed Scott C.'s humorous watercolor paintings of ninjas playing ball, tree heads watering happy plants and awesome knights and giants. Jim and Scott's collaboration pieces are seriously so awesome, the combination of their two unique styles really works...its ozzing with style. The boys were buzzing the whole evening, signing comics, prints and talking with fans. Tara McPherson and Phil Corbett were in attendance showing some love!

If you missed it, then go by the gallery website and check the photos and the whole collection of artwork is there on line for your viewing pleasure.. it so worth 10 min. of your life .. so go now!