Tuesday, July 14, 2009

3 megabits crew at London Miles Gallery: Covent Garden

We just opened up another London Miles Gallery in the historical and touristic market place of the Covent Garden, located in the center of London.

Taking over a unit for the next 6 weeks, we are working with various artist groups and collectives to keep it fresh. Last Saturday we teamed up with french live painting crew 3MEGABITS for an afternoon of live painting on the windows of the gallery space. It didnt take long before we had a crowd of people watching and admiring the freestyle painting.

This Saturday the 18th of July, we will be repeating a live painting event with 3megabits and this time we will be more prepared with a boom box blasting some tunes and we are expecting some press coverage.. so come down, and hang out!

Check out more on the
3MEGABITS crew here!

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