Friday, July 10, 2009

Bwana Spoons new Book! Launch in Portland!

Bwana was just on a little book tour in Europe, he came to London and had his book launch and signing at Concrete Hermet and then ventured off to Paris to ArtToyz.

Nows he is heading back to Portland for his book launch at Grass Hut, where he resides and works.

Portland Release Party:
July 11, 6-9pm
Book Signing, Pencil Fighting, Fart Knocking!!!

Grass Hut
811 E Burnside.
Portland, Oregon

About Bwana:

Bwana Spoons has been making art, zines, comics, toys, shoes, t-shirts,
cards, and pretty much anything you could imagine for a long long time.
He's inspired a lot of us art-makers to take things to the next level.
It's been a long time coming, but now he's got a book "Welcome to Forest
Island". It's pretty awesome and you should totally have is in your
library of eye candy.

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