Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sylvia Ji comes to London: September 3rd at Stolen Space

'Nectar' A Solo Show By Sylvia Ji

Dalek and Delta at Elms Lesters Gallery- London

Oh snap... Dalek & Delta exhibition

28thAugust - 26 September 2009
Tuesday - Saturday 12 - 6pm, Thursdays 'til 8pm

This exhibition brings together two International painters of magnitude.

James Marshall, aka DALEK, who currently lives in Carolina, and Amsterdam based Boris Tellegen, aka DELTA, are both masters of their handling of colour and texture.

The exhibition opened last week and will be on display until 12th of September.

Make sure if your in London town, go by and check this out, and also the beautiful gallery of Elms Lesters.. it makes me weak in the knees to walk through that place. truly stunning!

More information HERE

Sweet Streets, Opens at Nucleus gallery

Gallery Nucleus is excited to be hosting “SWEET STREETS,” a fanciful exhibition that will take inspiration from the Japanese fashion subculture.

Rather than follow trends, the youth of Japan have blazed a fashion movement. By mixing old with the new while customizing and combining the homemade with designer labels, their looks result in the unexpected and avant-garde. Art-inspired fashions and fashion-inspired art is one of the most creative symbiotic relationships of our generation. Co-curated by CARO and sponsored by Hi-Fructose magazine, a talented roster of artists will contribute to this event in celebrating imagination and originality.

Event Features:
  • Free exhibition music samplers to the first 100 attendees.
  • Live painting by Yuki Miyazaki.
  • Dress up to receive 15% off select store merchandise.
  • Artist & 'Harajuku' models in attendance.
  • Music from the streets of Tokyo.
  • Free refreshments provided by Kirin Beer & Takara Sake USA Inc.
  • Free snacks served.
  • Admission is free.
Exhibition opens August 29th, 2009- From 7pm
Go by Nucleus for more information.

Dragon76 Paints Live at London Miles Gallery- Covent Garden

Thursday the 27th of August at London Miles Gallery's Covent Garden Location
saw a seriously amazing 5 hour live painting session by Japanese artist Dragon76.
Dragon came over from Japan on short notice to collaborate with London Miles and Dutch Uncle
and create a large scale live painted piece. Crowds formed through out the evening to watch a true master at work. I stood in amazement, as he threw color on to the canvas, and mixed new colors with in seconds. This guy does not mess about, the piece was completed the following day and will move to London Miles Notting Hill gallery on Tuesday, and will be on display from the 2nd to the 10th of September. If you get a chance, go stop by and have a look at it in person. Its something special!
Parts of the piece are on sale, or if you got the budget, you can take home the whole masterpiece for about £11,000.

contact London Miles for more information.

Friday, August 14, 2009

The artwork of Luke Kopycinski

The wonders of Myspace, so when i was having one of my days where i search the internet for hours looking for some new talent and artists I think that have what it takes to make it Big in this ever so competitive world, I came across the work of Australian artist Luke Kopycinski, aka Koppa.

He does not mess around! This guy is a seriously talented painter and can really draw. The background of his paintings tend to be quite dark yet layered with color and an attention to highlights on in most cases, a female form.

Currently, Luke works as a concept artist for a games company in Melbourne, Australia. But this does not stop him to produce beautiful works of art in a short time. For the Candy Coated show we had at London Miles Gallery this month, Luke managed to produce a painting and ship it to London all in a like two weeks. That willingness to participate and the drive to get shit done, will make him go far, not to mention being an extremely talented artist.
Im excited to see how his career blossoms in the near future.

Visit him on Myspace, and spend some time looking through his portfolio!

San's solo show at Stolen Space Gallery- London

Its great to see San coming to the UK, when i was in Barcelona I had the great honor of meeting this awesome guy! His street art is seriously ridiculous and his studio work leaves me in awe. He has the best line work and his almost scary attention to every detail really makes his work unique and most of all recognizable.

So we can understand why Stolenspace has picked up this amazing Spanish artists and last night presented San’s premier U.K solo exhibition ‘Pygmalion’. Showcasing new work from the renowned Spanish street artist on canvas and paper as well as out door mural work. The show will also see the release of a limited edition hand pulled screen print by San.

About the show:
In Greek Mythology, Pygmalion was a legendary Cypriot sculptor who carved a woman out of ivory, in which he fell madly in love. For this show, Sans work comments on humans love for the things we create, particularly money and weapons, with often destructive consequences.
About San:
Born Daniel Munoz Rodriquez, San is an internationally recognized and commissioned illustrator, painter, and street artist. Born in a small Spanish village near the Portuguese border, San currently works and resides in Madrid. His artwork is influenced by magical realism, graffiti, and the culinary arts. In a recent interview in Juxtapoz Magazine, he remarked, “I think today my work is a mixture of classical drawing and contemporary art languages. Nowadays, nature is the basis of my work.” San has shown his fine art internationally, as well as his street art in cities across Europe.

Visit Stolen Space for more information here.