Friday, August 14, 2009

The artwork of Luke Kopycinski

The wonders of Myspace, so when i was having one of my days where i search the internet for hours looking for some new talent and artists I think that have what it takes to make it Big in this ever so competitive world, I came across the work of Australian artist Luke Kopycinski, aka Koppa.

He does not mess around! This guy is a seriously talented painter and can really draw. The background of his paintings tend to be quite dark yet layered with color and an attention to highlights on in most cases, a female form.

Currently, Luke works as a concept artist for a games company in Melbourne, Australia. But this does not stop him to produce beautiful works of art in a short time. For the Candy Coated show we had at London Miles Gallery this month, Luke managed to produce a painting and ship it to London all in a like two weeks. That willingness to participate and the drive to get shit done, will make him go far, not to mention being an extremely talented artist.
Im excited to see how his career blossoms in the near future.

Visit him on Myspace, and spend some time looking through his portfolio!

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