Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Chris Mars at Billy Shire Fine Arts! - Culver City, CA

Artist Chris Mars Takes Museum Exhibition to Billy Shire Fine Arts, Los Angeles

Minneapolis-based artist Chris Mars brings his exhibition “In Preparation of Barrier Transcendence” to renown Culver City gallery Billy Shire Fine Arts this December, presenting the sole commercial offering of work from the show which debuts at The Longview Museum of Fine Arts (Texas) in September before traveling on to The Phipps Center for the Arts (Hudson, Wisconsin) in February 2010 and Mesa Contemporary Arts (Arizona) for an extended run commencing in March.

Billy Shire Fine Arts, kingpin of the so-called “Low Brow” and “Pop Surrealism” movements, will display some twenty-five recent oil paintings by Mars, as well as a selection of his most recent films including the surrealist meditation “This is No. 14” and the animated tale “Flowers for Jupiter”. In addition, Mars will be presenting for sale his first limited edition multiple, a series of exhibition posters celebrating each of the three public venues for “In Preparation of Barrier Transcendence”.

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Anonymous said...

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Children ages 0-14 years old. children these ages can be sensitive. we don't need anymore freaks in society.

if you have a family member(s) with the following:
autism-alzheimer's disease-dementia
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If you are prone to depression or are being treated for depression.
Chris Mars needs psychiatric treatment.