Thursday, December 10, 2009

Opening at Jonathan Levine Gallery

Just when I thought this month couldn't get any better, Jonathan Levin gallery has to just go over the top. On December 12th,2009 they are opening two very exciting exhibitions, with two artists that are seriously doing some serious business. Audrey's art career has boomed in the past years, and today she is one of the most collected female artists of this "movement." Audrey Kawasaki opens "Hajimari—a prelude", with a fresh body of work. And in gallery 2, opens another great solo show with James Marshal, titled "And There Was War in Heaven".

Now seriously, get yourself together and watch this show closely. How many want to bet it sells out before it opens?! Audrey, your just a super star! And Dalek is just...a ledgend.

Stay tuned HERE!

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