Thursday, January 14, 2010

Andrew Hem solo exhibition at LeBasse Projects

"One Leads to Another" A Solo Exhibition by Andrew Hem.
Opening this Saturday the 17th of January from 7pm to 10pm at LeBasse Projects. The show will be on display until the 13th of February.

In this solo show Hem confronts the viewer with Themes of history and tragedy based on his native Cambodia. Influenced by the idea of the Butterfly Effect, where small differences indecisions or movements can produce large variations in the long-term outcome of events, Hem creates a series of "what if" scenarios where one storyline diverges at the moment of a seemingly minor event resulting in two significantly different outcomes. In this case the artist imagines if the violent Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia had never taken power and how the lives of the people would have been altered.
Hem's paintings return to acrylic after several shows of using oil in order to create a more fluid and layered effect. The detailed characters portrayed are layered over hauntingly sublime backgrounds of a past that has been re-imagined based on the Butterfly Effect and leads to the title of the show: One Leads to Another.

The show has already went online and it looks like its selling out fast. Andrew also has created some awesome sculptures, a collection of painted match boxes and some great pencil sketches.

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Amy Rice said...

LeBasse Projects:

Jennifer Davis is a wonderful person and a fantastic artist. Previous incarnations of this gallery have refused to pay her for paintings they sold. If you are an artist please beware of unscrupulous gallery owners-If you are an art collector/ buyer please do not support this gallery.

More info here: