Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bric a Brac- A solo exhibition with Jshea9

Bric a Brac is a new series of work by j.shea , created and derived by rumaging through garage sales.....flea markets and secondhand shopsoften these collected objects are broken lost or forgottenand the process of tracking them down and finding them is just as meticulous as thethe work in the studio of reconfiguring them and breeding a new life into them since relocating to portland 2 year ago shea has been collecting these objects and emersing himself in the strange world of thrift store and flea market culture finding inspiration not only in the items for sale but in the people that create those environments like the vendors and the regulars this new collection of work is created in various media including sculpture carving assemblege work either freestanding hanging or in the artists familar shadow box style the new collection of work will remain on exhibit till april 22,2010.

The exhibition will open March 19th at 7pm at Lyrik.
2035 SE 39th Ave. Portland.
Visit www.jshea9.com for more information

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