Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Coming up at London Miles Gallery

A rising star of the UK Outsider Art movement, Alex Young is currently preparing for his forthcoming solo show, A.K.A with London Miles Gallery on Thursday, April 1. Succeeding his hugely successful debut show ‘Exhibitionism’ at the Grenade Gallery in 2008, Young’s new body of work looks to set to expand his artistic and conceptual horizons to even loftier new heights.

Traversing the boundaries of Fine Art, Illustration, and Graffiti Young is an artist who revels in his inability to be pigeonholed. Finding inspiration in the work of both classical and contemporary art masters, his finely detailed pointillist style portraits are a trademark of his studio work. Rendered predominantly in spray paint, Young’s primary medium of choice points to years of dedication to bombing the streets as a writer – an endeavour committed to alongside his years of formal art training.

Keeping separate his graffiti and fine art guises, Alex Young, the artist, draws upon the similarly rich dichotomy between stereotypical preconceptions, and our own consequentially co-opted public and private personas.

In his upcoming solo exhibition, A.K.A, Young has created an exhibition of portraits of pseudonymous characters he has interviewed and studied for each painting. The paintings are monolithic in comparison to the illustrational element sand colours that adorn their faces to represent their alternative name and persona.

Read the interview LMG conducted with ALEX YOUNG here.

Exhibition on show: April 5th to May 10th, 2010 at London Miles Gallery, Westbourne Studios. 242 Acklam Road. Studio 303. W10 5JJ. London. UK

Opening Reception: Thursday April 1st, 2010 from 6pm to 10pm

Reception Location: 47 Mowlem Street, East London. (off Vyner Street) Please note: Opening reception of A.K.A is at an LMG off site location in East London. Exhibition will move on April 5th to London Miles Gallery, Westbourne Studios and be on display for the complete 4 weeks.

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