Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scott C. and Nathan Stapley: This Saturday May 1st.

Oh man, this is going to be such a sweet show. My fav. guy ever, Scott C. is rocking out in SF this Saturday along side another talented artist/comic guy Nathan Stapley. If your out in the Bay area, please go by and give these two guys a huge high five. They seriously rock!
And i think i just fell in love with Scott's new piece, the Skeleton warrior water go by and see it at the show, or check out his blog here!

amicvs monstrvm

New Paintings by Scott C. and Nathan Stapley

OPENING: Saturday, May 1, 7-10pm
(runs through May 18, 2010)
Gallery 1988
1173 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94109

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Buff Monster " Adventures in Lollipopland" opens at Giant Robot!

Giant Robot NYC is proud to host Adventures in Lollipopland, a show featuring new works by Buff Monster.

In Adventures in Lollipopland, Buff Monster is celebrating "the duality of cute and ice-cream-inspired traditional imagery, along with heavy-metal-inspired darker imagery. Some pieces are cute and fun; others are darker and more Satanic." In contrast to his last show at GRNY, which featured kaiju-inspired characters along with a lot of writing in kanji, he considers this to be a neo traditional show. Pieces are slated to include 3 16" x 16" paintings, 30 10" x 10" wood panels, and some small, fun 7" x 7" pieces, as well as custom toys.

The show runs April 17, 2010 - May 19, 2010.
Reception: Saturday, April 17, 2010 at 6:30 -10p.m.

Hey New Yorkers! Dont miss this new super sweet show. (Im speaking to you BK smooth!- Send me those flix)

Giant Robot Store and Gallery
437 East 9th Street
Between 1st Ave. & Ave. A, in the East Village
New York, New York 10009
(212) 674-GRNY (4769)

Mark Ryden's "The Gay 90's" Old Tyme Show

Pay attention boys and girls, this show will make history! Mark Ryden's upcoming solo show "The Gay 90's. Old Tyme show" is going to be one of those art shows our kids talk about.
Ryden has seriously passed over to the fine art world, well the Hi brow art world. He is no longer a LA local exhibiting at the local galleries, but now a NY gallery exhibitor, opening his first solo show in NY since 2003 and surely paving the road for many other new contemporary artists to follow to the East.

So what luckly gallery has landed this great deal, Its Paul Kasmin Gallery located
at 293 Tenth Avenue, NYC. The exhibition will be on shop from April 29 to June 5, 2010.

The central theme of The Gay 90s: Old Tyme Art Show references the idealism of the 1890s while addressing the role of kitsch and nostalgia in our current culture. "In the modern era, sentimentality and beauty have been disdained in the art world," he explains. "This new work is explores the line between attraction and repulsion to kitsch, and between beauty and banality." Through their visual richness and symbolic complexity, Ryden's infinitely suggestive dreamscapes invite us to enter their world and to indulge our sense of wonder.

Exhibition Runs:

April 29th through June 5th, 2010
Dress in your best "Olde Tyme" outfit and come to the
Opening Reception:
Thursday Evening, April 29, 2010, from 5 to 8 p.m.

Rey Ortega and Rob Corless opening at WWA Gallery: May 2010

Two concurrent solo shows opening on Friday, May 7th. WWA gallery is presenting two distinct fantasy worlds from the creative minds of Rey Ortega( Previously interviewed by Hunt and Gather) and Rob Corless and is thrilled to introduce Los Angeles local Julian Callos in the Project Space.

All three artists take us on a fantastic journey of storytelling, imagination, and discovery. Rey Ortega’s The Land is about a fictional people and place of his own design explored through an outsider’s point of view. He examines the land, its people, their architecture, objects, and culture of this made-up world. Rob Corless’ Offering’ marries his daily reality with a surreal world that beats about in his head. He takes familiar images and positioned them where only the truly imaginative can tread. And Julian Callos’ Into the Unknown leaves the familiar behind and explores uncharted territory, while discovering one's self in the process.

Opening reception: May 7th, 7 to 10 pm.

Visit WWA Gallery for more information.

New Talent- the art of photo realism.

After visiting Thinkspace Gallery last week and seeing their new exhibition that opened titled VISION, I felt a true rush of excitement for some new artists that they had on exhibit and it inspired me to get to hunting again!
I never have been introducted to this group of artists or their work before, but there is definitely some amazing new talent coming to the surface that Im happy to have now found out about. Photo realism art work has always been a favorite of mine, what can i say, Im just shocked at how good these people are!! The amount of perfect detail, the perfect reflection of light, the facial expressions and the over all skill in creating photo realistic works is a talent I cant even get my head around. I get all star stuck from artists that posess this skill :)

Ok so, check this out: Aaron Nagel, visit his site:

Yeah, those are paintings!!

Next we have Pakayla Biehn, who has started doing these double exposure pieces. Where she takes all the photographs and then layers them on top of each other, which she then goes on to paint! Visit her site:

Then there is Linnea Strid.. Visit her website:

Lastly, artist Jennifer Nehrbass has been producing some beautiful and impressive work for years. Im very glad I have found out about her now, looks like Natalie Fabia has competition coming her way..:)
Visit her site:

Im excited to say that we will be showing some fresh talent in June when London Miles collaborates with Thinkspace gallery to present a 45 person art show in London. More to come on that :)
But till then, have a look at this group of artists and the amazing artwork they are working on.

Joshua Petker "Between Butterflys" opens at Corey Helford Gallery this Saturday

The ever so clever and experimental Joshua Petker has his long awaited solo show " Between Butterfly" opening this Saturday evening at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, California.

The exhibition features a new body of work which represents Joshua’s finest paintings to date, combining romanticism with a pop sensibility to explore the universal reality of life and death and the struggle for purpose and identity. In this exhibition, Petker also embraces the conceptual tradition of repetition from American Pop Art and combines it with his own classical depiction of beauty to explore that age-old question of life’s purpose versus human mortality.

The Opening reception is on Saturday, April 17th from 7pm to 10pm.
Visit Corey Helford for more information!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Images from the Hunt and Gather Signing event at Thinkspace

Hunt and Gather signing event at Thinkspace Gallery. Sat. April 10th!
From Left to Right- Tina Ziegler, Dave Pressler, Tanner Goldbeck, Scott Belcastro,Nate Frizzell,
Joshua Petker, Liz Mcgrath, Tiffany Liu, Nathan Ota and Greg Simkins all signing at the Hunt and Gather LA book release event at Thinkspace Gallery!

Greg Simkins, Nathan Ota and Scott Belcastro all signing their pages!

Plastic God, Liz Mcgrath, Tiffany Liu, Nathan Ota and Greg Simkins in above photos.

The crowd!

Thanks to everyone that came down! More pictures here on Thinkspace Gallery.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The opening of Hunt and Gather's exhibition at Thinkspace Gallery

Friday evening saw the opening of the new Thinkspace Gallery location in Culver City. The new space is beautiful and opened with three exhibitions on show. In the main room was a solo exhibition by Anthony Pontius, the Project room was the Hunt and Gather curated space, exhibiting artworks from various artist featured in the Hunt and Gather art book publication. The back room was a lovely group show titled Vision, exhibiting some emerging talent. Visit Thinkspace for all the details.

Hunt and Gather was honored to be a part of the whole event.
Thank you to all of the artists that came down to the signing event on Saturday and a huge thank you to Thinkspace Gallery.
More images to come soon..