Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mark Ryden's "The Gay 90's" Old Tyme Show

Pay attention boys and girls, this show will make history! Mark Ryden's upcoming solo show "The Gay 90's. Old Tyme show" is going to be one of those art shows our kids talk about.
Ryden has seriously passed over to the fine art world, well the Hi brow art world. He is no longer a LA local exhibiting at the local galleries, but now a NY gallery exhibitor, opening his first solo show in NY since 2003 and surely paving the road for many other new contemporary artists to follow to the East.

So what luckly gallery has landed this great deal, Its Paul Kasmin Gallery located
at 293 Tenth Avenue, NYC. The exhibition will be on shop from April 29 to June 5, 2010.

The central theme of The Gay 90s: Old Tyme Art Show references the idealism of the 1890s while addressing the role of kitsch and nostalgia in our current culture. "In the modern era, sentimentality and beauty have been disdained in the art world," he explains. "This new work is explores the line between attraction and repulsion to kitsch, and between beauty and banality." Through their visual richness and symbolic complexity, Ryden's infinitely suggestive dreamscapes invite us to enter their world and to indulge our sense of wonder.

Exhibition Runs:

April 29th through June 5th, 2010
Dress in your best "Olde Tyme" outfit and come to the
Opening Reception:
Thursday Evening, April 29, 2010, from 5 to 8 p.m.

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