Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Talent- the art of photo realism.

After visiting Thinkspace Gallery last week and seeing their new exhibition that opened titled VISION, I felt a true rush of excitement for some new artists that they had on exhibit and it inspired me to get to hunting again!
I never have been introducted to this group of artists or their work before, but there is definitely some amazing new talent coming to the surface that Im happy to have now found out about. Photo realism art work has always been a favorite of mine, what can i say, Im just shocked at how good these people are!! The amount of perfect detail, the perfect reflection of light, the facial expressions and the over all skill in creating photo realistic works is a talent I cant even get my head around. I get all star stuck from artists that posess this skill :)

Ok so, check this out: Aaron Nagel, visit his site:

Yeah, those are paintings!!

Next we have Pakayla Biehn, who has started doing these double exposure pieces. Where she takes all the photographs and then layers them on top of each other, which she then goes on to paint! Visit her site:

Then there is Linnea Strid.. Visit her website:

Lastly, artist Jennifer Nehrbass has been producing some beautiful and impressive work for years. Im very glad I have found out about her now, looks like Natalie Fabia has competition coming her way..:)
Visit her site:

Im excited to say that we will be showing some fresh talent in June when London Miles collaborates with Thinkspace gallery to present a 45 person art show in London. More to come on that :)
But till then, have a look at this group of artists and the amazing artwork they are working on.

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