Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rey Ortega and Rob Corless opening at WWA Gallery: May 2010

Two concurrent solo shows opening on Friday, May 7th. WWA gallery is presenting two distinct fantasy worlds from the creative minds of Rey Ortega( Previously interviewed by Hunt and Gather) and Rob Corless and is thrilled to introduce Los Angeles local Julian Callos in the Project Space.

All three artists take us on a fantastic journey of storytelling, imagination, and discovery. Rey Ortega’s The Land is about a fictional people and place of his own design explored through an outsider’s point of view. He examines the land, its people, their architecture, objects, and culture of this made-up world. Rob Corless’ Offering’ marries his daily reality with a surreal world that beats about in his head. He takes familiar images and positioned them where only the truly imaginative can tread. And Julian Callos’ Into the Unknown leaves the familiar behind and explores uncharted territory, while discovering one's self in the process.

Opening reception: May 7th, 7 to 10 pm.

Visit WWA Gallery for more information.

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