Thursday, April 29, 2010

Scott C. and Nathan Stapley: This Saturday May 1st.

Oh man, this is going to be such a sweet show. My fav. guy ever, Scott C. is rocking out in SF this Saturday along side another talented artist/comic guy Nathan Stapley. If your out in the Bay area, please go by and give these two guys a huge high five. They seriously rock!
And i think i just fell in love with Scott's new piece, the Skeleton warrior water go by and see it at the show, or check out his blog here!

amicvs monstrvm

New Paintings by Scott C. and Nathan Stapley

OPENING: Saturday, May 1, 7-10pm
(runs through May 18, 2010)
Gallery 1988
1173 Sutter St., San Francisco, CA 94109

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