Monday, May 17, 2010

Hunt and Gather takes part in The Dream Factory!

Hunt and Gather has been recently been a part of an exciting project, The Dream Factory. An exhibition at Dray Walk Gallery in East London from from 21st of May. The exhibition will showcase a truly diverse range of work from the a group of selected cultural engineers. Hunt and Gather's Tina Ziegler has been one of the selected participants and will be given a space in the exhibition to display works of original art and showcase what Hunt and Gather is all about. Including live painting from artist Mr. Penfold to help bring something special to the opening reception.

Exciting thing is .....The Dream Factory is also doing a competition, You can win 2 tickets to the exclusive preview event on the 20th May, plus signed copies of Hunt & Gather and the limited edition The Dream Factory book.
Tina Ziegler from Hunt and Gather will be in attendance.

Please visit to enter the competition.

Good luck and hopefully see you there.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The Next Generation: A new Chapter in Contemporary art.


Featuring new work from 45 international artists

Opening reception: Friday, June 11th, 2010 from 7pm to 11pm
at London Miles Gallery.

London Miles Gallery and Los Angeles’ Thinkspace Gallery join forces next month to present a groundbreaking exhibition featuring forty-five of the most enterprising and exciting international artists working within the realms of the burgeoning New Contemporary art movement.

For this ambitious cross waters collaboration the cream of the best new international talent will be brought directly to the doorstep of London’s Contemporary art community. Featuring 12 x 12 inch works of art from a fastidiously handpicked selection of emerging and newly-established artists, ‘The Next Generation’ will include a comprehensive selection of forty-five of the most innovative and talented individuals currently pushing the boundaries within the New Contemporary domain.

Highlighting the diversity and depth of talent within this movement, the exhibition will feature a kaleidoscopic range of artistic styles from the likes of renowned figurative painter/illustrators Audrey Kawasaki, Amy Sol, and Stella Im Hultberg, distinguished surrealists Allison Sommers and Yosuke Ueno, emerging realists Linnea Strid and Pakayla Rae Biehn, and prolific street artist Gaia. For many of these artists this exhibition marks their first showing on UK soil, to date having cultivated avid followings elsewhere across the globe.

The exhibition is curated by Andrew Hosner from Thinkspace gallery, in collaboration with Tina Ziegler (thats me) and Phil Coleman from London Miles Gallery. Its going to be one amazing exhibition, and the first of its kind to come to London city. So if you are in the area do not miss out on this. Come down and take part in something special.

Visit London Miles Gallery for all the information.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New Print and Mural by Saber

A great video put out by Jetset Graffiti, documenting the new Mural and Print by Saber, titled “Pepper’s World”.

As the first edition of this bold, iconic style of painting, this project is sure to be an important one for years to come. Six weeks of print-making is no joke, and the results are incredible in the flesh! Enjoy the Video.

“Pepper is a true street artist in the purist sense. Hes known to some by his altar ego; the Mayor of Skid Row, and hes proud to proclaim that hes the last homeless person on the forefront of downtown LAs gentrification. He lives on Santa Fe Ave. where years ago a large tent city used to be, the last holdout. When I was younger and creeping around downtown, I would notice these colorful, bold, and scrappy art instillations. Pepper has a habit of decorating his immediate surroundings, wherever that might be, with multi-colored paint splats, piled on discarded toys, and other purposefully arranged found objects. You can frequently catch him running around the city with his red shopping cart full of freshly discarded trinkets.

The print Peppers World, and the mural I painted on 7th and Mateo that it inspired, is in homage to his existence. I have enormous respect for those who can survive in such extreme conditions yet still be able to express themselves creatively.”

-Saber AWR/MSK, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Opening at Copro Gallery : May 8th, 2010

This weekend, in Los Angles at the Copro Gallery in Bergamot Station opens two solo exhibitions.

Luke Chueh's "Beginnings / Endings (And Other Worthless Epiphanies)"- an artist we havent seen about for some time. I can imagin this show is highly atticipated. Chueh's
bears all the stylistic stamps his fans have come to love. Employing minimal color schemes, simple animal characters, and a seemingly endless suite of ill-fated situations, Chueh balances cute with brute, perched on the fine line between comic and tragic.

Mari Inukai works in oil on canvas, and graphite and charcoal on paper to create a world straddling childhood and adulthood, sexuality and decadence, “between the choices I’ve made and where life has put me,” states the artist.

She draws a contrast between sweet and bitter, soft and hard, the yummiest chocolate and the deadliest poison. "Riding that line – that edge between the two – between the yin and the yang," states Inukai.

Go down and see the show:
May 8 – May 29, 2010
Reception for the artists:
Saturday, May 8, 2010, 8 pm – 11:00 pm

Art from the New World comes to England

Its not a common occurrence around these parts (England) to have a group of incredible artists from that great American contemporary art scene just pop in to a museum and set up a show.
Its...actually never happened before anywhere in Europe. So Corey Helford Gallery is making some serious moves by coming on over to the UK and teaming up with the Bristol art museum to present "Art From the New World". An exhibition featuring the work of a truly impressive list of heavy hitters in the contemporary art scene, such as Camila Rose Garcia, Todd Shore, Gary Baseman, Silvia Ji, Joe Ledbetter, Coop, Ron English, Luke Chueh, Kukula,Elizabeth Mcgrath, Mia, Brandi Milne and so many more. You can get a look at the press release HERE for all the details on this spectacular exhibition heading to London next week!!

Opening May 15th, 2010
Bristol city museum, Bristol- United Kingdom.
On show till August!

I of course will be able to make this show, and will get some pictures from the opening reception. Rumor has it there will be a majority of the artists in attendance..Very excited to have some of my friends from home finally come visit.
I have to say, i have been waiting a long time for these artists to make the jump overseas, and Im happy to be witnessing it right here in the UK and also taking part as On another exciting note- London Miles Gallery opens a 45 person group show in June featuring a powerful list of contemporary artists, titled "The Next Generation- a new chapter in Contemporary art" taking place right here in London. So if you cant make the long trip to Bristol, then do not worry as there is more to come this June in London!!

Opening at Thinkspace this Friday.

As the Hunt and Gather exhibition comes down and closes up , Thinkspace Gallery is very busy setting up their next exciting exhibitions! Opening this Friday in their beautiful new gallery space in Culver city, The gallery presents two solo exhibitions, one with the talented Allison Sommers, an up and coming artist who continues to impress me with her strange paintings of worlds and grotesque characters. Her show is titled "Schlaraffenland"...that must be that magical place where her creatures live and die.

In the other room, we have a new collection from the mysterious artist Joao Ruas, I rarely see information on Joao's but he is the kind of guy that just comes out of nowhere with a seriously impressive collection of delicate artworks that make you crave more. Im really looking forward to what he has put together for this exhibition.

So ofcourse as always, if you in the Culver City must get out and go see these two inspirational shows, and go down and congradulate those great guys at Thinkspace for their new space- its seriously amazing.

Opening on Friday, May 7th. 7pm to 10pm.
Located on 6009 Washington Blvd. Culver City.
Visit the site for all the details!