Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Art from the New World comes to England

Its not a common occurrence around these parts (England) to have a group of incredible artists from that great American contemporary art scene just pop in to a museum and set up a show.
Its...actually never happened before anywhere in Europe. So Corey Helford Gallery is making some serious moves by coming on over to the UK and teaming up with the Bristol art museum to present "Art From the New World". An exhibition featuring the work of a truly impressive list of heavy hitters in the contemporary art scene, such as Camila Rose Garcia, Todd Shore, Gary Baseman, Silvia Ji, Joe Ledbetter, Coop, Ron English, Luke Chueh, Kukula,Elizabeth Mcgrath, Mia, Brandi Milne and so many more. You can get a look at the press release HERE for all the details on this spectacular exhibition heading to London next week!!

Opening May 15th, 2010
Bristol city museum, Bristol- United Kingdom.
On show till August!

I of course will be able to make this show, and will get some pictures from the opening reception. Rumor has it there will be a majority of the artists in attendance..Very excited to have some of my friends from home finally come visit.
I have to say, i have been waiting a long time for these artists to make the jump overseas, and Im happy to be witnessing it right here in the UK and also taking part as On another exciting note- London Miles Gallery opens a 45 person group show in June featuring a powerful list of contemporary artists, titled "The Next Generation- a new chapter in Contemporary art" taking place right here in London. So if you cant make the long trip to Bristol, then do not worry as there is more to come this June in London!!

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