Friday, June 18, 2010

Brandi Milne Solo show at Corey Helford Gallery

For "My Heart Shall Not Fear", Milne explores narratives about life, death and new awakenings. Her work embraces a brave new direction, juxtaposing her delicate signature imagery with more intense themes. And Milne's fresh artistic voice skillfully weaves together a series of visual fables that are as playful as they are poignant. Her first solo exhibition in over a year, Milne has been diligently working from her Huntington Beach studio in preparation for the show, and she explains, "I've never been more excited about a series of work than I am with this one. Viewers can expect much warmth and intrigue as I rediscover the sugar-coated, austere world that swells and flows from inside my head.

'My Heart Shall Not Fear' is a story of life and loss as I continue my personal exploration." For the exhibition, Milne's palette surveys new territories as well, presenting rich hues of burnt oranges and seafoam greens alongside deep crimson reds. Skulls, black cats, birds and horses populate Milne's whimsical narratives as they encounter secret adventures that ultimately lead to the path of rediscovery. Joining Milne in the loft, will be limited-edition works by Lithuanian artist Natalie Shau. Her stunning digital renderings bloom with gothic charm and fantastical symbolism.

Opening reception: June 26th at Corey Helford Gallery.

Visit Corey Helford for more information.
View more of Brandi's work here!

Follow Up: The Opening of The Next Generation at London Miles Gallery

Success!! The opening of the Next Generation at London Miles Gallery on Friday, June 11th was a huge success. More than than a hundred visitors came to take part in the opening reception and enjoyed the incredible collection of artworks from more than 45 international artists.

The exhibition is still on display until July 4th, so if you missed the opening then do try to come by and have a look- I promise its well worth it :)

London Miles Gallery Opening hours are:
Monday to Friday: 9am to 7pm
Saturday: 11am to 6pm.

or (who curated the exhibition)

Sugar and Blood- A new solo exhibition by Kukula

The sweetness of sugar, mixed with the sour taste and pungent of blood is the guiding concept of the upcoming exhibition at Dorothy Circus Gallery, from June 17 to July 25, dedicated to Nataly Abramovich, aka Kukula.

The young Israeli artist was born in a small town near Tel Aviv, inhabited mostly by former military and their families. She grew up among the ghosts of the Holocaust and the political tensions of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict where she’s been reworking an interior landscape of dreams and childhood that we can find in her art. Kukula herself seemed destined to military life, so far from her colors, fantasies, obsessions and her passion for illustrated stories.

Reality’s blood melts with sugar’s childhood fantasy to create a world where the characters are girls and dolls, elements that characterize all her works. Children with scratched knees, dolls with naive and dark sensuality remind the viewer to a world of loneliness that the artist suggests even with the titles of works.

Kukula’s Pop Surrealism is expressed in the alienating atmosphere in which these doll-girls with woman’s body are immerged, always with animals or objects with a metaphorical value, mysterious and disturbing. Kukula’s environments are non-places where she stratifies her life experiences.

Visit Dorthy Circus Gallery here for the complete exhibition.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Opening at Thinkspace Gallery- Ekundayo and Brett Amory

Thinkspace is seriously working hard right now with three shows opening tonight, June 11th. Two in Los Angeles, and one right here with me at London Miles Gallery in London...
So if you cant make it down tonight to London Miles and you are closer to LA, then go take a look at two very impressive shows opening this evening. Both with artists that I personally am very fond of...

is back at Thinkspace with another solo show and a whole new body of work- also one of his incredible painted instalation inside the gallery! Woah!

The Exhibition is Titled Joy Today, Jeopardy Tomorrow. Here's a blurb about the show "Joy Today Jeopardy Tomorrow’ is an exhibition about the beautiful struggle we all face of reaching for our dreams, in hopes of guiding our own destiny. Whether we succeed or fail is not important, as long as it’s on our own terms. Ekundayo’s work illustrates the sacrifices we make in the pursuit of fulfillment, while simultaneously questioning the actions taken to attain this ‘fulfillment’ we all seek." Read the rest of the Press Release HERE!

Also tonight opens the first solo show at the gallery with painter Brett Amory.

Now there is something about this guys work that just hits me..His technique can be some what simplistic yet surprisingly deep, and his compositions are just perfect. I love the roughness of his brush strokes and the freedom and movement you can feel flowing through his work, while at the same time the sharp angels and the great architecture. ..Ohh its such seriously awesome stuff.

I just want to send a shout out to Andrew over at Thinkspace- He is really setting the standard high for galleries around the world to keep producing stunning exhibitions and giving artists the right exposure.
Good stuff!

So show your support
Get there- or visit for all the information.

And check out the Flicker pages for more great photos.

Opening TONIGHT at London Miles Gallery

Its been one long week of set up and prep for Tonight's grand opening of "THE NEXT GENERATION" A New Chapter in Contemporary art at London Miles Gallery. The Exhibition features 45 artists from around the world, and is curated by the wonderful LA gallery, Thinkspace.

The opening is at 7pm and will go till.....late. The evening includes a incredible collection of art, a tv installation, An ART BOX installation of more than 100 painted cardboard boxes, lcd screens playing video interviews with a few of the artists and Andrew Hosner from Thinkspace. And of course, more than 45 individual pieces of artworks!

The collection is stunning, and the venue is impressive. I highly encourge you get yourself down to Westbourne Studios to take part in this one of a kind moment for London and the Contemporary art movement as it invades the Captital city.

See you there.

The address: 242 Acklam Road. Westbournes Studios. LONDON. UK W10 5JJ

Friday, June 4, 2010

A personal update on my next exhibition: The Next Generation

(above works by Tran Nguyen and Audrey Kawasaki for THE NEXT GENERATION)

So as most of you know, Im gallery manager and curator for London Miles Gallery here in London, UK, I just wanted to share with you the exhibiiton I got coming up next week. We have all been very busy getting ready for next friday when The Next Generation- A new Chapter in Contemporary Art, opens to the public. LMG has teamed up with Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles to present a group exhibition featuring 45 international artists, all hand selected by Andrew Hosner.

The exhibition includes all new 12 x 12 inch art works from a really exciting list of artists.
See the complete list HERE!

Along side the exhibition I have been working on a few other projects, one is "ART BOX" a community recycled box installation. So far we have over 100 boxes all hand painted from emerging artists, the installation of artboxes will create a visual platform for emerging artists and give many artists the opportunity to be exhibited for the first time in a gallery enviroment.

Today I have been busy working on a TV installation. 25 old school tvs have been painted, and will be on display, a few of them in working order will be playing videos, and interviews we have recently conducted with some of the exhibiting artists in the Next Generation exhibition.

On Monday the online preview goes out for the exhibition, along with the exhibition catalogs that I put together- There are 3 chapters in the Catalog and each one features artists interviews, and artist profiles from all 45 artists. You can view them on Monday just by going to the LMG website.

The opening of the exhibition will include all of the above, and more! It opens next Friday, June 11th from 7pm to 11pm at London Miles Gallery located in Westbourne Studios. I really hope you can make it down, as its the first exhibition of its kind in London and the first time many of these artists have ever been exhibited in the UK.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The beautiful artwork of Lu Cong

Amazing what the internet can do..Just another day surfing the internet and I stumble across the truly stunning and gorgeous artwork of Lu Cong.

Taken from his website:

I liked what Lu said about his journey to being an artist, here is a quote from the artist,
" Like many young people escaping the life already planned out for them by going West, I moved to Denver in 2000 to avoid attending medical school. Thanks to my youthful enthusiasm and blissful ignorance, I jumped head first into a life that I knew hardly anything about. My years as an artist often seem like a hopeless struggle to learn how to paint, how to draw, how to think, and how to pay the rent. And often I feel like I have only gone further down the path that I dreaded as a child. However, now I must believe there is redemption, and what you see here are my efforts at earning it."

Lu Cong (陆琮华) is a contemporary American portrait artist. He is regarded by many as one of the most distinctive young artists to recently emerge from the American West. His paintings center around the faces of his carefully chosen subjects. His style pays homage to 18th Century Romantics, yet it is unmistakably conceived in and relevant to the contemporary era. His portraits do not simply capture the physical and emotional state of the subject, rather they beckon to establish the complicated psychological interactions that ensue when one comes face to face with the sensual, the inexplicable, and the unsettling.

See more :

Joe Ledbetter's Magnus Maximus Opens Friday, June 4th 2010

Join the fantastic and wonderful Los Angeles artist Joe Ledbetter for the highly-anticipated debut of “Magnus Maximus”. A solo exhibition of different stripes, “Magnus Maximus” is an epic travel adventure based on Ledbetter’s journeys through Europe and beyond.

For his first solo show at Corey Helford Gallery, Ledbetter creates an extraordinary collection of new paintings and drawings, fi lled with engaging narratives and bold visuals that are as autobiographical as they are a classic hero story. A true tale of wretched victory, “Magnus Maximus” is a character study in twists of fate and fortune, power and privilege.

Opening Friday: June 4th at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, California.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

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Hello all,
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