Thursday, June 3, 2010

The beautiful artwork of Lu Cong

Amazing what the internet can do..Just another day surfing the internet and I stumble across the truly stunning and gorgeous artwork of Lu Cong.

Taken from his website:

I liked what Lu said about his journey to being an artist, here is a quote from the artist,
" Like many young people escaping the life already planned out for them by going West, I moved to Denver in 2000 to avoid attending medical school. Thanks to my youthful enthusiasm and blissful ignorance, I jumped head first into a life that I knew hardly anything about. My years as an artist often seem like a hopeless struggle to learn how to paint, how to draw, how to think, and how to pay the rent. And often I feel like I have only gone further down the path that I dreaded as a child. However, now I must believe there is redemption, and what you see here are my efforts at earning it."

Lu Cong (陆琮华) is a contemporary American portrait artist. He is regarded by many as one of the most distinctive young artists to recently emerge from the American West. His paintings center around the faces of his carefully chosen subjects. His style pays homage to 18th Century Romantics, yet it is unmistakably conceived in and relevant to the contemporary era. His portraits do not simply capture the physical and emotional state of the subject, rather they beckon to establish the complicated psychological interactions that ensue when one comes face to face with the sensual, the inexplicable, and the unsettling.

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