Friday, June 11, 2010

Opening TONIGHT at London Miles Gallery

Its been one long week of set up and prep for Tonight's grand opening of "THE NEXT GENERATION" A New Chapter in Contemporary art at London Miles Gallery. The Exhibition features 45 artists from around the world, and is curated by the wonderful LA gallery, Thinkspace.

The opening is at 7pm and will go till.....late. The evening includes a incredible collection of art, a tv installation, An ART BOX installation of more than 100 painted cardboard boxes, lcd screens playing video interviews with a few of the artists and Andrew Hosner from Thinkspace. And of course, more than 45 individual pieces of artworks!

The collection is stunning, and the venue is impressive. I highly encourge you get yourself down to Westbourne Studios to take part in this one of a kind moment for London and the Contemporary art movement as it invades the Captital city.

See you there.

The address: 242 Acklam Road. Westbournes Studios. LONDON. UK W10 5JJ

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