Friday, July 30, 2010

The incredible artwork of Angel 41

I received an email the other day from The Red Propeller Gallery here in Devon, UK. The email included a general update and a little blurb about the artist Angel 41, with a few images of his work. I immediately was hooked, I had to call them up and inquire about this artist and his artwork. And once I did I found out that the pieces already sold that I liked right after that email was sent out, I guess im not the only one who was captured by Angel's artwork :) . There is so much movement, and pure raw expression in his work. It moved me instantly and Im very excited to see more of this rising star in the future. I hear he will be taking part in the Red Propeller gallery group show later this year.

Manchester born and based artist Angel 41 takes in the world around him and allows it to spin within the dark confines of his mind. He then spits out twisted snapshots of crumbling civilisation using a variety of media.

Working predominately with acrylic and emulsion, Angel 41 also uses mixed media in his work, sourcing and tearing snippets of throw away culture and trapping them under layers of paint. At first glance these relics of our time appear sinister but look closer and you will discover glimpses of raw emotion, dark humour and irony.
Textured layers merge with flashes of typography and imagery, forming strange hybrids which reflect the modern urban landscapes that surround our lives.
The artist is rapidly building a fantastical land in which his warped vision exists and deep inside this dark realm lies a deranged mirror reflecting the world we live in.

Visit Red Propeller Here!

Signal Gallery presents Beyond PUNK!

Signal Gallery in London, UK are very excited to be showing, in their last show of the summer, the artwork of a very wide range of Punk musicians, artists that were involved with Punk scene and avid artist fans.

The show, curated by the fabulous Gaye Advert, will feature original work by all the artists, much of it rare and unseen. Special Punk inspired original pieces are coming from Shepard Fairey. Many of the artists will be attending the Private View and some will be sitting in the gallery for the run of the show.

Private View: August 12th, 2010

David Choe "Munko" Vinyl Figures!

Upper Playground has teamed up with Japan’s Good Smile Company to become the official distributor for David Choe’s “Munko” Vinyl Figures.

The toys were initially seen as simple sketches on David's blog, and now following the premiere of the physical Munko toys at San Diego Comic Con in Giant Robot's booth, Upper Playground is the exclusive wholesaler and distributor for the line of figures.

The figures are available in a set of all 12 toys and individually by blind-box.

Multifarious Tendencies at Fabric8


fabric8 is pleased to present Multifarious Tendencies, a group show of new work by the artists Brett Amory, Adam Flores, Kevin Taylor, and Micke Tong, curated by Sandra Silvoy.

While different in style and background, these artists translate a mutual concern for the particularities of human tendency. Brett Amory captures our state of anticipation, wherein an individual is not entirely present to the moments passing. Adam Flores reveals struggles of social and economic classes, religion, family values and morality. Kevin Earl Taylor bypasses a natural law that binds us as he explores absurdities of an animal’s relation to man. Micke Tong steps into a dialogue of faith, power, and life's anomalies with his sculptural constructions. Touchstones of the human experience arise in combining these multifarious tendencies.

Multifarious Tendencies will be on exhibit from August 6 through August 30, 2010 at fabric8 Galleries, 3318 22nd Street, San Francisco, and open 7 days a week.

The artists’ reception will be held on Friday, August 6, from 7pm-10pm.

more info:

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Mignight Dream- a new show by C215

Midnight Dreams' is a new exhibition featuring a whole new style and body of work from French Stencil artist C215- Opening on July 22nd at London based Signal Gallery. In the show the artist has found a new style, full of colour and fantasy, recalling memories of his childhood in Orleans - stencil artwork of the highest quality.

Not a show to miss my fellow Londoners! Get all the info:

Gearing up for Comic Con / New Toy Release

Artists, brands, toy makers and fans are all getting ready for the super exciting over the top and seriously unforgettable, kind of scary- Comic Con. The international comic fair that takes place in San Diego every year. This July 22nd to 25th, San Diego will be filled with Super ninjas, spidermans, and asian doll look alikes as they rush to get their hands on the latest comics, print releases, video games and vinyl figures.

Im not that big in to vinyl as you can most likely tell, and you seriously need to know your stuff if you want to get in to posting about the latest figures. (Go check they have all the info!) But I do want to let you all know about two new Toys being released at Comic con.

From Loyal subjects we have Joe Ledbetter's Pico and Wilshire-
The Details for you toy addicts:


  • JEFF SOTO'S - Ghost Seeker:

    The "Ghost Seeker" will be available at San Diego Comic Con 2010, exclusively from the Hi-Fructose Magazine Booth (Booth #4939), with only 50 pieces being made available for sale! Standing nearly 12-inches tall, the Ghost Seeker has 4 points of articulation and will be released in conjunction with Jeff Soto's signing on Friday, July 23rd at the Hi-Fructose booth. Pricing has not yet been announced by Hi-Fructose.

    Joe and Jeff will be at Comic Con to promote their new Toy releases and so will lots of other Hunt and Gather buddies. Its a sure event not to miss out on if you can manage to squeez through the crowds.

    New work by Luke Kopycinski

    Luke Kopycinski has been on my "Artists to watch list" for a while now and Im happy to see him getting shows internationally. Right now he is taking part in a group show at Distinction gallery, titled Spice Cabnet- in California along with a great group of like minded artists.

    He will also be showing with me at London Miles Gallery coming up this December. Exciting times for this talented Aussie :)

    Have a look at these two new beauties and go over and show some support by visiting his website and keep an eye out for him in London this Year.

    On show now at LeBasse Projects

    Oh its always so nice to see JSHEA9 new collection. I must admit I just love this guy, his hand made beautys made of wood, found objects, medal, tea straiers, machine parts and whatever else he can carve up are just 100% unique and are classified as BEAUTIFUL things you just dont see around that often.
    Titled Life form, the new collection consists of some new large scale free standing sculpture, some ceiling hanging sculpture, interspersed with some of his traditional shadow box sculpture.

    Also on Show at LeBasse is a new solo show Botanica by Melissa Hasslam. She has really taken her work to another level and is constantly developing a more crips style and techinque. She is an emerging artist that I am excited to see develop more as her career develops. Check out a few works from her collection that I enjoyed.

    Morgan Slade, Jshea9 and Melissa Haslam are on show until August 7th at LeBasse Projects, again another gallery located in Culver city, California.

    Natalia Fabia's solo show at Corey Helford

    Natalia Fabia is on fire! The recent solo exhibition "Fashionable Aftertaste with out End" opened July 10th at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City. The exhibition featured
    14 new large scale oil paintings and a huge hand made pink chandalier.

    Inspried by her recent trip to Japan, Fabia has created a collection of stunning works that have launched her in to international fame. Its not a common sight to see an artist jump from not so well known, to a 30,000 price point in just a few years.

    Her works are sexual, vibrant and scream out to the world something fresh, refreshing and completly addictive. She not only paints such gorgeous scenes but she also very much lives and breaths them- from doing the styling, to make up to directing her photo shoots, her art works are completely orginal and very much a reflection of the FABIA lifestyle.

    Her recent exhibition is on show until August 7th, so if your in the area get your chance to see these works in person. Or if your on this side of the pond, the group exhibition at Britols Musuem is still up and also is exhibiting an original work by Fabia alongside an incredible group of contemporary artists to watch out for.
    I have this feeling this is an artist our grandchildern will read about in History books..

    Monday, July 5, 2010

    YOU MUST WATCH THIS! - Big Bag Big Boom by BLU

    Stop what ever you are doing, and take 8 minutes to watch this seriously incredible video.
    You will forever look at street art differently :)

    BIG BAG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

    New Print release: Kukula "Splice Baby"

    London Miles Gallery has released a new print by KUKULA, titled Splice Baby.
    The print edition is super sweet and is only 23 available . All signed and numbered by the lovely Kukula.

    Paper size: 16.5 x 11.75 inches
    Print size: 8.5 x 12. 5

    Paper: Somerset Velvet Watercolor paper. Weight: 255 gsm.

    Framed and mounted price: £160.00

    Print Price: £70.

    Get yours here!

    Or simply email: to reserve one.