Friday, July 30, 2010

The incredible artwork of Angel 41

I received an email the other day from The Red Propeller Gallery here in Devon, UK. The email included a general update and a little blurb about the artist Angel 41, with a few images of his work. I immediately was hooked, I had to call them up and inquire about this artist and his artwork. And once I did I found out that the pieces already sold that I liked right after that email was sent out, I guess im not the only one who was captured by Angel's artwork :) . There is so much movement, and pure raw expression in his work. It moved me instantly and Im very excited to see more of this rising star in the future. I hear he will be taking part in the Red Propeller gallery group show later this year.

Manchester born and based artist Angel 41 takes in the world around him and allows it to spin within the dark confines of his mind. He then spits out twisted snapshots of crumbling civilisation using a variety of media.

Working predominately with acrylic and emulsion, Angel 41 also uses mixed media in his work, sourcing and tearing snippets of throw away culture and trapping them under layers of paint. At first glance these relics of our time appear sinister but look closer and you will discover glimpses of raw emotion, dark humour and irony.
Textured layers merge with flashes of typography and imagery, forming strange hybrids which reflect the modern urban landscapes that surround our lives.
The artist is rapidly building a fantastical land in which his warped vision exists and deep inside this dark realm lies a deranged mirror reflecting the world we live in.

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