Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Nathan Ota "An Unforeseen Homecoming"

For years, Nathan Ota has been pursuing new worlds, both dark and fantastic, to explore in his paintings. Ota has used his stand-ins - a blind bird, a drunk monkey, a one-eyed robot lost in the woods - to travel through dreamlands that hold fantasies and tragedies. In "An Unforeseen Homecoming," Ota's first solo show at La Luz de Jesus, the artist sets out on an expedition which lands him in the unlikeliest destination - the world inside the artist's own studio. The questions that greet him, and the answers that he finds, are at once simple and impossible, hopeful and heartbreaking, permanent and fleeting. "My paintings will always leave little clues to what I'm thinking, some I can share, and some may be too personal, but all in all, I think that the paintings stand alone" states Ota.

Working with acrylic on panel, the process of creating "An Unforeseen Homecoming" took Ota roughly a year to complete. Ota lives in the Los Angeles area and currently teaches at Otis and Santa Monica College.

Opening at La Luz de Jesus Gallery 1

September 3 - 26, 2010
Artist Reception: Friday, Sept. 3rd; 8-11 PM
Print Release & Signing: Friday, Sept. 3rd; 7-8 PM

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