Friday, September 24, 2010

The artwork of Xue Wang

Xue Wang is a rising star. Originally from China, she has been living and working in London for over 8 years.

Xue is one of those talented people that just dont realize how talented she is, which makes her to be very humble and just an incredible artist to know. As you can see, She is one incredible painter. I have had the honor of getting to know her and her paintings over the past few months and already in just a short time she has improved greatly.

I really encourge you to go NOW and have a look at her new blog, she really is doing something special at the moment and has a beautiful portfolio of works.

This new series is inspired by the Circus and will be a collection of around 8 paintings in total once completed. These two are my favorites at the moment.

Top Left:
Swing And Roundabouts
24 x 24 inches. Oil on panel.

Bottom Left:
The Night Kiosk
24 x 20 inches. Oil on canvas.

London Miles currently is working with her, so If you do want more information on her just email us:

Morning Breath . Ekundayo. Fernando Chamerilli

I am very happy to annouce the opening of a show I have been waiting for, in just two weeks the first UK exhibition featuring artwork by Morning Breath, Ekundayo and Fernando Chamarelli opens at London Miles Gallery.

We have teamed up with Upper Playground to make this event that much more special and trust me, if your in London I encourage you to make it down for the opening reception as I have some special surprises in store. :)

The exhibition opens on October 8th, from 7pm to 11pm. At London Miles Gallery in Westbourne Studios.

A new interview was just posted today on the LMG blog with MORNING BREATH, so have a read through it and don't forget to R.S.V.P to attend the opening.
Email: for all the details.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Crudely scribbled profanities and badly drawn boobies and willies have a home now. And that home is the unique collective that is CRAP GRAFFITI, who proudly boast the slogan, "Celebrating the inept!".

The website is HILARIOUS, it posts toilet wall art and sign modifications, some of it just as they say, CRAP GRAFFITI, as in its so outrageously random, you wonder what impulse the person got to do such a thing, but then some posts are extremely witty, no matter how skillessly drawn/written they are. Take a look!

(Right) This was said to have been written on a Snappy Snaps
storefront where George Micheal crashed his car whilst stoned.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Joshua Petker thinks 'We're Not as Colourful as We Think we Are'

(Left) Untitled 4, ((Right) Rolling with the tide

Joshua's latest body of work just opened this week at the Shooting Gallery. The artist has again outdone himself with his colour palette!

In We're Not As Colorful As We Think We Are, Petker explores the way humans use color to manipulate their physical appearance in order to transcend their reality. People use color with makeup to enhance their beauty, men use war paint to mark their transformation into warriors, shamans use body paint to demarcate the transition from body into spirit.
Through these new works, Petker's colors expose the desire for human metamorphosis all the while reminding us that underneath the layers of color, we are more alike then we may think. The exhibition will be comprised partly of mixed media on canvas (acrylic, gouache and ink) and partly of gouache and ink on paper. This is the first time that the artist will be showing works on paper. The Show opened on September the 11th and will close on of October 2nd, Go see it if you can!

(Below left) Untitled 7-Watercolour on paper, (right) Untitled 1- Watercolour on paper

DAYDREAM MAGAZINE- One night only extravaganza!!

 The DAYDREAM MAGAZINE special one night only Launch party and exhibition.
One Night Only! October 1st, 2010. From 9pm-till LATE.
Location: London Miles Gallery. Westbourne Studios. 242 Acklam Road. W10
5JJ. (

Its been 3 years, 2 days, 1 hour, and feels like FOREVER! Daydream has been
producing and distributing its print based publication by hand in the UK and particular international hotspots. Supporting
and celebrating artists and performers alike, Daydream has been a unique source of fresh inspiration, hosting
events and launching editions at the world renowned M & C Saatchi and the
Royal Albert Hall making some fantastic friends along the way.

LIVE ACTS: Justin Robertson deadstock 33's, Digital African-Nico Lupo
YOUNG & Positive, plus more DJ's and live performances.

One night only Art exhibition and special installation.

BRIT PAINT- Exhibition! Opening at the Carmicheal Gallery

(Left) Simon Birch-Spinal Mountstar cracker 2 oil on canvas, (right) Guy Denning-Requiem # 1 Oil on canvas

The Carmicheal Gallery seems to have set itself up with an impressive line-up of british talent!
Brit Paint will exhibit the works of
Will Barras, Simon Birch, Guy Denning, Ian Francis, Tobias Keene and Antony Micallef.
It will be open from September 18 -October 16 at the Carmichael Gallery - 5795 Washington Blvd Culver City CA 90232

Tobias Keene-Girl in the golden Chair
Mixed Media on canvas

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Opening September 10th at London Miles Gallery

Coming up at London Miles Gallery, Im excited to announce the opening of two special exhibitions. I decided it was time to shine the light on the emerging artists from the United Kingdom this month and have put together two exhibitions showcasing some fresh British talent. The first one is a group show titled Made in Britain and showcases 24 x 24 inch artworks from 30 contemporary illustrators and painters working in the UK. Its a very diverse collection of artworks, including collage work, pen and ink illustrations, oil paintings and 3D works. I was exciting to discover so many hidden talents and really is great to open up London Miles Gallery to a whole fresh group of artists. ( The images are a few of my favorite works being exhibited. L to R-Claudia Sabe, Maddy Sargent, Nom Kinnear King)

The second show is a solo exhibition from another talented London based artist, David Marsh aka Mesh137. The show is titled Visual Splendor and exhibits more than 20 original works of art. His work is extremely detailed, and en explosion of color. He will be presenting his first solo exhibition at the gallery.

Both exhibitions open on Friday, September 10th at London Miles.
Address: Westbourne Studios. 242 Acklam Road. London. W10 5JJ. Time: 7pm to 11pm...

Come down and meet the artists and enjoy some of the free cider and drinks we have for ya- and Celebrate British talent!

For more information just visit: