Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Joshua Petker thinks 'We're Not as Colourful as We Think we Are'

(Left) Untitled 4, ((Right) Rolling with the tide

Joshua's latest body of work just opened this week at the Shooting Gallery. The artist has again outdone himself with his colour palette!

In We're Not As Colorful As We Think We Are, Petker explores the way humans use color to manipulate their physical appearance in order to transcend their reality. People use color with makeup to enhance their beauty, men use war paint to mark their transformation into warriors, shamans use body paint to demarcate the transition from body into spirit.
Through these new works, Petker's colors expose the desire for human metamorphosis all the while reminding us that underneath the layers of color, we are more alike then we may think. The exhibition will be comprised partly of mixed media on canvas (acrylic, gouache and ink) and partly of gouache and ink on paper. This is the first time that the artist will be showing works on paper. The Show opened on September the 11th and will close on of October 2nd, Go see it if you can!

(Below left) Untitled 7-Watercolour on paper, (right) Untitled 1- Watercolour on paper

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