Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chris Berens at Roq La Rue this month

No work has quite the effect on me as that of  Dutch artist, Chris Berens.
             What gets me is how unfocused his pieces are, it creates a soft,  unnerving, womb-like interior. The lack of focus, rids us of concepts of time and place. Using his unique technique involving ink,plastic and printing paper, Berens' creates unsettling mixture of poignant detail and ethereal, ghostly textures,  allowing  the viewer to be encumbered into a state of  that calm distress which Berens' creatures, humans and animals seem to be  deeply enveloped in. I think the most disturbing feature of his work is how the delicate faces and figures are sometimes distorted and malformed , leaving concepts of age and time ambiguous, because you cannot tell whether the are  maturing or regressing physically. I won't go on anymore but it is breathtaking.
 What i've been meaning to say is that the artist has a solo show entitled 'Leewenhaart' at the Roq La Rue Gallery in Seattle which opens on the 22nd of October. Chris Berens will be in attendance!

Here is a link to his website, which includes a wonderfully written statement.
Here is a link to a studio visit video conducted by Hi-fructose, its two years old, but Berens' gives fascinating insight into his technique.

                                              'Leewenhart' (Lion heart)

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