Monday, November 1, 2010

Greg Simkins' 'Storyteller'- Gallery 1988

Greg 'Craola' Simkins will exhibit his new body of work entitled 'Storyteller' at Gallery 1988 in L.A. which opens This Friday, the 5th of November.
 The exhibition will be accompanied by the  realease and signing of his new book- 'Drawn From The Well'. The book is 300+ pages, documenting Simkin's infinite imagination through sketches, doodles and drawings that give the reader insight into the more technical side of his composition process.
     Even the flyer looks ridiculous, SOMEHOW he manages to outdo himself technically with each series of paintings. Simkins was the main feature of last month's JUXTAPOZ, which contained a  brilliantly written essay and interview. Here is a one of the many fascinating things Simkins' revealed about the story behind 'Storyteller', following the wonderous adventures  of the little protagonist Ralph:

'It was during these times he yearned for spring days that the pages of these books took new life and exploded from the compartments in Ralph's mind where they had been carefully filed away. They would attach themselves with ferocity to the billowing  clouds and not just resemble a white tiger surrounded by bowls of tropical fish, but would become this scene, at least to Ralph.'

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