Thursday, November 25, 2010

Illustrations by Christina Mrozik.


Christina Mrozik is a Michigan based illustrator and sculptor. I'm really taken by the level of texture and  itricate detail, it takes me back to the styles of Arthur Rackam or Edmund Dulac.    
Reality and anomily merge to create hybrid species of animals, often depicting them in very human situations. I think of  them as a sort of whimsical take on anatomy drawings. Almost  makes you wonder what it would be like to I live in the beak of a pelican, or on the top floor of a giraffe's neck ! 

Christina uses mediums such as pen, ink and water colour, here is an exerpt from her statement: 'Yet in truth, animals make choices, have feelings, laugh and share. They garden and babysit, they mourn their dead. We discover these things that we want to declare as being strictly human to be part of glorified nature every day. The divisions we hold in our minds are being constantly broken down by science, man's most honest invention'
You can take a better look at her work HERE.

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