Friday, December 24, 2010

Drawings by T.S. Abe

This is the best pencil work i have seen in AGES. Born and raised in Brixton, South London, T.S. Abe is only 21 and has been featured in Dazed and Confused and had a solo show at the Electric Blue Gallery in Shoreditch, London, when she was only 19!
       I can't get over how rich her work is, the textures of the hair and skin is so striking, the work renders a great mixture of classical and contemporary influences where figures are often cocooned by whirling streams of  fabric or  baroque-style patterns.
     Sometimes I prefer looking at sketchbook work rather than actual finished pieces which is why I have been glued to Abe's  Blog for days now, its really beautiful, just pages of sketches and studies that really shows how hard she works and the strength of her ever growing versatility. Look here to see her website also.
Merry Christmas everyone!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lowrider Tattoo Studios

One of my most recent hobbies and addictions is hunting for incredible tattoo artists. I have been doing my research for awhile now and I have recently come across the artwork of Lowrider Tattoo Studios. They have three tattoo studios in California and have a portfolio of artists that is just mindblowing.
These guys are not just tattoo artists...These are fine artists, realist tattooist, and have incredible style. Two artists really stood out to me, Jose Lopez - who im assuming is one of the shop owners and Jun Cha- an incredible multi talented artist from flesh to canvas.

A bit about LowRider Tattoos, they are Recognized internationally as one of the best tattoo studios in the world, They have received international acclaim from magazines worldwide and their work speaks for itself along with the 150 awards they have won internationally.

Please have a look for yourself, I promise you will not be disappointed. Go Here!


Subism......some seriously talented artists!

"Subism is a multi faceted independent creative business with its roots in street art. It started with the online gallery and shop, to showcase and sell artwork from established and up and coming contemporary artists from around the world. more about us..."

Most recently they have taken over a central London location right before the holidays and Curated the space in their own unique and individual ways. Each artist bringing something different to the space and its corners. If I was not literally sick in bed all weekend I would of made it and can not tell you how gutted I am that I did. Here are some photos of what these talented artists put together.
I recommend you start following their BLOG to get all the photos and progress shots from their recent adventure.

SHAG and TURF ONE- two new shows at Jonathan LeVine Gallery

Recently opened at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York are two great exhibitions, The Rising- a series of new and older works by Parisian-born, Montréal-based artist Jean Labourdetter or better known on the streets as Turf One, and Ambergris, new works by Southern California-based artist Josh Agle (aka Shag) .

The exhibition opened on December 11th 2010 and will be on show until January 8th 2011.
Visit Jonathan LeVine for the images fomr the complete exhibition and opening night.
Go Here!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Victor Castillo & Luke Kopycinski/ Plus (wtf is) Lowbrow..Opening this Friday at London Miles

Opening on Friday, December 10th at London Miles Gallery is the end of the year showcase. Its our final exhibition of the year and Im happy to say we are finishing off 2010 on a high. It has been one incredible year.

On show will be a collection of original paintings and limited edition prints by Chilian artist Victor Castillo and Austrailian artist Luke Kopycinski.

Also on show is a group show we have put together titled, (wtf is?) LOWBROW- a showcase of illustration, paintings and limited edition prints from a collection of pop surrealist, comic, dark surrealist and illustration artists...a mix of everything coming out of the "new contemporary" / "lowbrow" art genra.

The work of Victor Castillo strikes like a swift blow to the stomach and stirs the innards of a popular iconography fed by comics, illustration and television. His drawing produce slogans on daily consumption and monstrous beings enslaved to flesh and money. This production, consumption and digestion of statements reveal the violence of everyday life and denounce the universality of rationality incarnated by diabolical figures of animals or humans.

Luke's work is intriguing, dark and has an underlying current of something very human. Best described as Dark Noir, his subject matter is of the beautiful and the melancholy, aspects of the people around him, both what they project on the outside and what they keep inside. His oils are a mix of realism and impressionism, a mixture of strong soft shining lights and heavy sharp shadows that centre the focus of the pieces.

(wtf is?) LOWBROW

Exhibiting a selection of limited edition prints and original art from the New contemporary/ lowbrow/ pop surrealist art world...or what ever you want to call it..

Original artwork on display from Nom Kinnear King, Xue Wang, David Marsh, Alex Young,
Dave Pressler, Scott C. Limited edition prints by Fine Grime featuring Silvia Ji, Carles Gomila, Tom Bagshaw. Also London Miles prints of Kukula, Jade Klara and many more...

Join London Miles on Friday, December 10th from 7pm to 10pm for a end of year celebration.
It will be another unforgettable opening reception at London Miles Gallery.

Visit for more information.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Never Judge...?'- Current show at the StolenSpace Gallery

   I went to see 'Never Judge...?' today at StolenSpace. In order to
celebrate book cover art, the gallery has worked in conjunction with Penguin to exhibit works from over 100 international artists. Each one has been asked to create cover art (keeping it to the traditional size of a Penguin book), using their medium of choice, for a book of their choice,  whether it be one that inspires them, or one which they've treasured from childhood. ROA, Shepard Fairey, Mike Stilkey, Andy Council and Tara McPherson are a few of the artists featured. 
   It was interesting to see artists I respect, create art for authors I respect and I think the show is absolutely relevant since 'With the advent of the iPad it's now questionable how long the printed novel and its cover will be around, just like the album cover, it'll be resigned to a thumbnail on iTunes' (press release)
     The show  runs until the 19th of December, you can see it all on the StolenSpace website but i recommend seeing it in person!
A few of my favourites:  (above right) Hellovon's 'Metamorphosis'  (graphite on Arches Aquarelle) Author: Franz Kafka.
(below left)-  An Under Pressure Art production ( mechanical sculpture)
 of '20,000  Leagues Under the Sea',  Author: Jules Verne.
 (right) ROA- 'The Ugly Duckling'- (Black Chinese ink and        
White posca on wood) Author- Hans Christian Andersen