Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lowrider Tattoo Studios

One of my most recent hobbies and addictions is hunting for incredible tattoo artists. I have been doing my research for awhile now and I have recently come across the artwork of Lowrider Tattoo Studios. They have three tattoo studios in California and have a portfolio of artists that is just mindblowing.
These guys are not just tattoo artists...These are fine artists, realist tattooist, and have incredible style. Two artists really stood out to me, Jose Lopez - who im assuming is one of the shop owners and Jun Cha- an incredible multi talented artist from flesh to canvas.

A bit about LowRider Tattoos, they are Recognized internationally as one of the best tattoo studios in the world, They have received international acclaim from magazines worldwide and their work speaks for itself along with the 150 awards they have won internationally.

Please have a look for yourself, I promise you will not be disappointed. Go Here!

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