Sunday, December 5, 2010

'Never Judge...?'- Current show at the StolenSpace Gallery

   I went to see 'Never Judge...?' today at StolenSpace. In order to
celebrate book cover art, the gallery has worked in conjunction with Penguin to exhibit works from over 100 international artists. Each one has been asked to create cover art (keeping it to the traditional size of a Penguin book), using their medium of choice, for a book of their choice,  whether it be one that inspires them, or one which they've treasured from childhood. ROA, Shepard Fairey, Mike Stilkey, Andy Council and Tara McPherson are a few of the artists featured. 
   It was interesting to see artists I respect, create art for authors I respect and I think the show is absolutely relevant since 'With the advent of the iPad it's now questionable how long the printed novel and its cover will be around, just like the album cover, it'll be resigned to a thumbnail on iTunes' (press release)
     The show  runs until the 19th of December, you can see it all on the StolenSpace website but i recommend seeing it in person!
A few of my favourites:  (above right) Hellovon's 'Metamorphosis'  (graphite on Arches Aquarelle) Author: Franz Kafka.
(below left)-  An Under Pressure Art production ( mechanical sculpture)
 of '20,000  Leagues Under the Sea',  Author: Jules Verne.
 (right) ROA- 'The Ugly Duckling'- (Black Chinese ink and        
White posca on wood) Author- Hans Christian Andersen


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