Thursday, February 3, 2011

Up next at London Miles Gallery: Pens and Needles- an exhibition celebrating tattoo art and culture

Opening reception: Friday, February 25th 2011. 7pm to 11pm.

Forget everything you think you know about tattoo art. For the first UK art exhibition of its kind, London Miles invites a selection of the world’s top tattoo artists, documentarians, and enthusiasts to finally liberate us from the last of those scratched on, fading abominations…our manifesto? No more ‘I LOVE MUM’.

“More and more tattooists are redefining the stereotype of what a tattooed person looks like. The general public is seeing better art more often and, hopefully, aren’t staying blind to the fact they don’t have to pay for bad tattoos.” (Shawn Barber)

Attitudes towards tattoo art and tattooed individuals continue to evolve for the better. Nowadays, it’s getting harder and harder to draw a distinction between fine art and the best of modern tattooing. Doesn’t this then make tattooed individuals the new cultural ambassadors of a truly new and distinctive ‘modern art’?

Much of today’s contemporary and fine art isn't too disparate from that which tattoo artists are creating on skin. Much like their painterly peers, the most accomplished and skilled of tattoo artists assign the same exacting precision to composition, tone, perspective, and conceptual design when producing their own inimitable works of art.

London Miles is to take an in-depth look at all forms of tattoo art, lifestyle, and culture. Featuring original artwork, tattoo stencils and photographs, Pens and Needles brings together artists from across the tattoo and contemporary art sectors to shed light on the entire domain of tattoo art: from artists that love tattoos, to tattoo artists that love painting. Alternatively, the photography of documentarian Estevan Oriol – whose client list includes Eminem, Ludacris, Method Man, and Justin Timberlake – will offer a raw snapshot of Los Angeles street life, one of the world’s most heavily tattooed cities.

The opening night of Pens and Needles will be a unique fiesta of tattoo art with live tattooing taking place in London Miles’s very own pop-up tattoo parlour. The exhibition will document, discuss and most importantly celebrate one of contemporary art’s most burgeoning yet contentious art forms.

Confirmed Artists: Shawn Barber, Claudia Sabe, Mike Davis, Matt Difa, Xam, Olli Bery, Daniel Albrigo, Holy Fox, Jeff Gogue, Tom Bagshaw, Alex Young, Shad, Jondix, Jee Sayalero, Gustavo Rimada, Cate Rangle, Estevan Oriol, Lea Nahon, Bart Bingham, Rico, Horishion, Issac Fainkujen, Nick Baxter, Nick Colella, Alex Binnie, Al Overdrive, Nicola Andrews and more to come.

Opening night : Friday. Feb. 25th 2011. 7pm to 11pm. Be there!!

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