Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Ian Francis at Joshua Liner Gallery

Joshua Liner Gallery is pleased to present Fireland, an exhibition of new paintings and works on paper by the British artist Ian Francis. This is Francis’ first one-man show at the gallery and marks his solo debut in New York.

Working in mixed media on canvas, Ian Francis combines abstraction, figuration, and elements of both painting and drawing to create distinctly contemporary works. His robust approach uses a range of techniques including acrylic, oil, charcoal, ink and graphite, all deployed in a spontaneous, seemingly off-the-cuff manner. Below this active “surface,” however, are subtle notes of melancholy, alienation and social critique, revealing a nuanced regard for contemporary mores.

Francis draws inspiration and raw material from cinema, pornography, street culture, and images sampled from the Internet, synthesizing these sources into a quasi-literal vision of the “mediated” landscape. Among the exhibition’s mixed-media paintings and selection of works on paper, a number depict urban street life and the complex interactions that occur when random souls collide. Amid high-color washes and jagged brushwork, youthful figures have a reckoning on park steps in A Boy Returns Home Not Realizing How Much He’s Changed. The cityscape is fragmented and unsettling in Walking Down a Street a Person is Crushed by Light, a poignant work that intimates the hardships faced by the elderly and other vulnerable beings among urban dwellers.

Elsewhere, a Japanese soft-porn princess makes an appearance in Anri Sugihara Three Seconds, a closeup portrait created from multiple perspectives over time. It’s a play on Sugihara’s own coquettish updating of the “fan dance” in her erotic YouTube videos. In other works, Francis depicts semi-clad female figures who loll and mix in casual groupings—some scenes are intimate, others hedonistic. These figures are recognizable as the young and beautiful denizens of media fantasies fueled by sex, death, and celebrity.

In these and other works, abstraction and figuration mutually support the artist’s suggestion of a worldview where the incongruities of modern urban life—violence and style, wealth and poverty, beauty and the grotesque—cannot help but intersect.

Ian Francis was born in 1979 in Bristol, UK, where he received a BA from University of the West of England and continues to live and work. Solo exhibitions include: Exodus, Lazarides Gallery, London (2010); Semi-Permanent, Kinsey/DesForges, Sydney, Australia (2009); Together Forever, Kinsey/DesForges, Los Angeles (2008); and Super Coma Fantasy, BLK/MRKT Gallery, Los Angeles (2007). Selected group exhibitions include: Summer Group Exhibition, Joshua Liner Gallery, New York (2010); and The Outsiders, Lazarides Gallery, Newcastle and other locations (2007–09).

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Elbow Toe at Black Rat press- Opens tonight, 10th of March

Under the name Elbow Toe, Brooklyn based artist Brian Adam Douglas has been pasting his distinctive woodcuts, stencil work, large-scale charcoal drawings and collages onto the walls of cities all around the world throughout the past decade. His diverse practice is anchored by an interest in the human gesture as a powerful form of communication, one charged with unspoken narratives and he continually transforms public space into a stage for these private moments. The scenes in his most recent body of work focus on the bewildering act of parenthood. Just as he builds a finished image through the meticulous layering of tiny individual bits of coloured paper, so the meaning of the image is woven through layers of references to historically and culturally established narratives. This kind of intertextuality has become the foundation for the development of his distinctive style. The result is a sophisticated visual language where personal metaphors begin to communicate universal truths.

In Douglas’ work family life is a staged performance, animals are manifestations of human emotion, intense pattern breaks the jagged surface and functions like an ancient Epic storm: as his characters fight to find their balance the viewer holds their breath. This exhibition will be a bit like going to watch a Greek tragedy: pretty much the only thing to do in the city on a Thursday night.

Im going tonight hopefully, if i can get out of the gallery in time....if i do, ill take some pictures.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Scott Belcastro and Stella Im Hultberg - new show opens this Friday at London Miles!!

London Miles presents....

London Miles Gallery is so proud to annouce our new exhibition opening this Friday, the 11th of March. Its a show I have been waiting for a long time....Im a huge fan of both Stella and Scott's artwork and to be able to exhibit them in the UK is a true honour. The artwork is all in the gallery and it is so so so beautiful and such a stunning and powerful collection of paintings.

Show opens this Friday, March 11th 2011. From 7pm to 11pm at London Miles.
Stella Im Hultberg is in London for the exhibition and will be around on the opening night to celebrate her first UK solo. If your in London, then do please try to come down and show your support. The paintings must be seen in the flesh to fully appricate just how incredible they are.

If you out of the country, then take some time to view the exhibition catalogues that just went on-line today.

Stella Im Hultberg's exhibition catalogue Here

Scott Belcastro's exhibition catalogue Here

For any questions, please contact us at London Miles:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Greg "Craola" Simkins curates INLE group show at 1988 gallery

Let me start by saying this has got to be the best group show of 2011...and we are only in March.
Greg "Craola" Simkins has put together a group show that is literally unbelivable.

Here is a bit about what this show is all about:

n 1974, Richard Adam’s wrote the beloved classic “Watership Down”. It is a tale about overcoming the obstacles of life that try to beat you into submission and coming out on top, told through the unlikely embodiment of rabbits. Upon reading the book at a young age, one particular thread stood out to me. The story of “The Black Rabbit of Inle”. It was on page 280 of this book that my Grandfather had gotten for me on a road trip that the story of Inle´ unfolds. The fear he induced in the rabbits who told tales of him is not much unlike our own fears of death and what is unknown. I always questioned was their fear based upon him or the inevitability of their own demise, and was it something to fear or welcome after a long life lived? With this book began my over 24 year obsession with using rabbits as a tool in my art. Upon relating my memories of this book with some artist friends of mine, I wasn’t surprised to find they had similar attachments to the story and subsequent movie and that it too was a huge influence on their work.

The question is asked over and over “what inspires you and your art?”. Well here is one aspect, and In my attempt to keep this story alive and in honor of Richard Adam’s timeless story we are proud to present “INLE”.

-Greg “Craola” Simkins

Drum role please........The complete list of participating artists:

Aaron Jasinski, Adam Hathorn, Alex Garcia, Alex Pardee, Amanda Louise Spayd, Amy Sol, Angry Woebots, Annie Owens, Anthony Ausgang, Anthony Filo, Attaboy, Audrey Kawasaki, Augor, Axis, Beast Brothers, Bob Dob, Brandi Milne, Brian Colin, Brian Despain, Buff Monster, Camilla d’Ericco, Carrie Ann Baade, Charles Wish, Chase Tafoya, Chet Zar, Chris “Devious” Gliebe, Chris Ryniak, Christian Rex van Minnen, Colin Christian, D. Ross Scribe, Dabs & Myla, Dan May, Dan Quintana, Daniel Danger, Dave Correia, Dave Flores ATC, Dave Pressler, David Choong Lee, Deph, Dytch 66, Eric Merrill, Eric White, Fred Harper, George Thompson, Graham Curran, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Gris Grimley, Gunnar, Haste, Jason Daquino, Jason Limon, Jason Maloney, JAW Cooper, Jean Labourdette (Turf One), Jeff McMillan, Jeff Soto, Jeffery Page, Jen Lobo, Jenny Mollen-Biggs, Jeral Tidwell, Jeremy Fish, Jeremy Sutton, Jersey Joe Rime, Jesse Smith, Joe Capobianco, Joe Hahn, Joe Ledbetter, Joe Vaux, Johnny KMNDZ Rodriguez, Johnny Vampotna, Jon Beinart, Jordan Buckley, Josh Keyes, Joshua Clay, Kevin Knight, Kevin Dickinson, Kevin Perterson, Kris Lewis, Logan Hicks, Luke Chueh, Lyte, Man One, Mark Bodnar, Martin Whitfooth, Matthew Bone, Maxx 242, McEvoy & Rodriguez, Meggs, Mia Araujo, Michael Page, Michel Gagne´, Mike Mitchell, Mike Stilkey, Misha, Miss Mindy, Molly Crabapple, Naoto Hattori, Nate Van Dyke, Nathan Pearce, Natoe, Neko, Nicholas Charles, Nicnak, Nome Edonna, Peekaboo Monster, Persue’/BunnyKitty, Peter Gronquist, Poor Al, Rabodiga, Rask Opticon, Retna, Revok, Robert Bowen, Roland Tamayo, Ron English, Rory Keating, Sam Flores, Sas Christian, Scott Belcastro, Sergio Hernandez, Shaun Kasl Singer, Shawn Barber, Skinner, Skot Olsen, Sram, Steven Daily, Tara McPherson, Thomas Lynch III, Tim Hendricks, Tomi Monstre, Tony Curanaj, Travie McCoy, Travis Louie, Tyke Witnes, Vic Back, Werk, Yosuke Ueno, Zoso

The show opens in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988 next Friday, the 11th of March. If you plan on going down for the opening reception, make sure you get there about 2 hours early as there will be a line around the block for this one and red dots flying up faster than you can say Richard Adams.

Congrats Mr. Simkins, this show is just wonderful!

Work in progress from Stella Im Hultberg / Preview Scott Belcastro

is Stella Im Hultberg's first UK solo show...and it opens next Friday at London Miles.
I just wanted to share with you some of her progress photos as they have made me super excited. She has really progressed as an artist in the past year and this show is going to be something special. Stella is also coming to London for the opening reception, so if your in the area do try and come by to London Miles on March 11th- show opens from 7pm to 11pm.

Along side Stella, the lovely and super talented painter Scott Belcastro presents his second solo show in London, this one titled "I Dare the Sky".
Here is a preview, this one is a fav. of my mine already " Skyrocket Juniper " 12 x 12 acrylic / water color on panel."

Stay tuned on this great show:

X-RAY new print edition by ALEX YOUNG.

Ahh....I seriously have so much love for this guy its just silly.

Alex Young blows us away again with another beautiful giclee print edition, but i have to say, I think this is his best yet.

As part of the current show at London Miles Gallery "Pens and Needles," Alex Young created this HUGE A1 giclee full colour print edition, printed on heavy weight 350 gsm somerset watercolour paper (the business!)
Edition of 500, and priced at the afforadable rate of only £150.00....ITS A1, so its well worth the investment...and Just look at that detail.

Her lungs and ribs is an owl, her stomach a snake and she has a diamond...down there :)
fucking awesome..sorry, i cant help myself..its true!!

They just posted them up on London Miles to purchase...go get yours HERE

Follow Alex Young HERE on his great blog.