Wednesday, March 2, 2011

X-RAY new print edition by ALEX YOUNG.

Ahh....I seriously have so much love for this guy its just silly.

Alex Young blows us away again with another beautiful giclee print edition, but i have to say, I think this is his best yet.

As part of the current show at London Miles Gallery "Pens and Needles," Alex Young created this HUGE A1 giclee full colour print edition, printed on heavy weight 350 gsm somerset watercolour paper (the business!)
Edition of 500, and priced at the afforadable rate of only £150.00....ITS A1, so its well worth the investment...and Just look at that detail.

Her lungs and ribs is an owl, her stomach a snake and she has a diamond...down there :)
fucking awesome..sorry, i cant help myself..its true!!

They just posted them up on London Miles to purchase...go get yours HERE

Follow Alex Young HERE on his great blog.

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