Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Reign Of Pink' By Buff Monster / Stolenspace LONDON!

The Reign Of Pink'
By Buff Monster
StolenSpace is proud to present the premier London solo show from renowned Californian street artist Buff Monster. Featuring paintings on board, installation work and also the release of a limited edition print.

Celebrating 10 years of the king of pink Buff Monster has created a brand new body of work expanding on and revisiting familiar themes that he has become synonymous with. The artist has become famous for his signature candy pink bubbles, drips, ice cream sundaes, breasts and Japanese-inspired cutesy winged characters (also called Buff Monsters) which bring a smile to the face. As well as his highly collectable fine art paintings Buff Monster is known all over the world for his collectible toys and design projects.

‘I’ve always painted squirts and boobs and drips, and I’ve always considered them landscape paintings; oozing landscapes. Of course, I use a very limited color palette: Buff Monster pink, along with a couple other shades of custom-mixed pink, and white, black and grays. For me, color is very important and I think that using a very limited palette serves to distill the essence of the expression. Formally, the paintings are rendered with great detail and are created in the superflat method of painting. I take great care to keep the paintings as flat as possible; making sure the surfaces is as flat and perfect as I think is appropriate. I use very fine sandpaper along the way to guarantee a smooth surface’

Ill be out of london for this show, but if you are in the area I would recommend to go and have a look. Buff will also be there for the opening so if you havent met him yet, here is your chance.

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Sessions College said...

Hooray for Buff Monster! Finally, after 10 years of beautiful vandalism, the Monster gets a show. We are looking forward to all of the pinkness. Congratulations!