Monday, June 13, 2011

Guilty Pleasures and Modern Vices- June 23rd 2011 at London Miles

Artists such as INSA, ALEX YOUNG, TOM BAGSHAW AND MISS LED are just a few of talented names taking part in Guilty Pleasures and Modern Vices, an all UK group show inspired by the guilty lifestyles, and modern kicks of todays society. From being addicted to the internet, facebook, to having a fetish for shoes and trainers. Each artist was hand selected and given a vice or pleasure to re-interpret, making this exhibition truly special.

The exhibition opens on June 23rd 2011 in East London, at 65 Hanbury Street. Many artists will be in attendance. Join London Miles in this great UK SHOWCASE.


sunset canvas said...

Oh these are really creepy but so good!

floral canvas said...

Some scary pictures but really detailed!

John said...

What an awesome post, thanks a lot!

Mike said...

Oh god, some odd pictures! Thanks a lot for sharing this with us!