Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Artwork by Nom Kinnear King

Nom Kinnear King lives and works in the UK. I have had the pleasure of working with her over the past few years and she never fails to amaze me. Her beautiful paintings just continue to become more magical and skillfully painted. Here are some of her new paintings for this years Affordable Art Fair for Fine Grime Gallery.
More about Nom Kinnear King:
" From Her shed in the Norfolk countryside Nom Kinnear King creates in oils and Pencil, portraits of girls roam from town to town in a patchwork old fashioned never world, where accordions and clarinets trail their steps, their joyful and curious behaviour shadowed by sweet melancholy. "

Visit her website to see her complete collection of paintings.

The Wall- London's Most Public Gallery.

Here is another project happening right now that needs funding to continue. Have a look at the video above..has some great clips of artists painting such as Dabs Myla, Ben Eine, She One, Espo and more...

The Wall: London’s Most Public Gallery

The Project

"We’re turning 5 years old here at Village underground, and in celebration we’ve decided to try and make a dream happen.

We want to build London’s most public gallery. For years this immense wall on Great Eastern Street has been host to many artists painting in the wall’s 4m X 3m recesses, they’re oddly like natural picture frames, from Steve Powers and Shepard Fairy to incredibly talented local artists. We want to evolve this informal project, turning it into an amazing permanent art space.

Why We’re Coming to Kickstarter

To do this, we need to design, build and install bullet proof metal and glass frames over the recesses to protect the art work from theft and vandalism. Importantly, this means that artists can paint on board and canvas so the work can be kept. Its been really tough over the years to see such amazing work lost as the next artist paints over it.

Saving the art work will mean that artists can sell their pieces and earn a living. That’s obviously important, but it also means that we can exhibit art that’s not just painting – photography, digital art, mixed media, even interactive work: This takes the wall onto a whole new level.

Visit the website:

Everybody Street by Cheryl Dunn

Everybody Street, A Documentary project in New York, NY by Cheryl Dunn

Watch the video..its brilliant!

Everybody Street" is an invaluable treasure-chest of knowledge and insight into the art of photography and the City of New York. I know you will enjoy seeing it as much as I am loving making it. This is a rare opportunity for you to participate in not only the making of a film, but in the recording of art history.

"Hello photographers, photography enthusiasts, lovers of history and New York City. My name is Cheryl Dunn and I am a fellow photographer and the director of "Everybody Street", a feature documentary about NYC street photographers who have taken some of the most iconic images of the last century. Whether you take pictures with your phone or a Leica, you will relish the opportunity to hear the real stories of the men and women who are the very foundation of the street photography movement and of the medium itself. These include, to date:

Bruce Davidson Joel Meyerwitz , Mary Ellen Mark, Max Kozloff, Ricky Powell, Martha Cooper, Jamal Shabazz, Bruce Gilden, Clayton Patterson, Jeff Mermelstein, Rebecca Lepkoff Boogie, Luc Sante, Jill Freedman, Josh Wildman.

The film, shot in16mm and in HD, and with a score by NYC Band Endless Boogie, takes you into the studios and out onto the streets where you will see firsthand the working techniques of these incredible artists as they unfold in the theater of New York City. Many of my subjects have never been documented before, remaining instead hidden behind their cameras. "

(text taken from Cheryl Dunn's website for Everybody Stree)

This project will only be funded if at least $44,865 is pledged by Saturday Nov 19, 11:48am EST. Donate now to support the project. Visit:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Moniker Art Fair follow up - Dabs Myla in London

This past weekend London saw the opening of Moniker Art Fair, where art galleries and artists came together representing the new contemporary and urban art world. Over the weekend thousands of people flocked to the fair, either to support the artists that they love and follow, or to escape from the over-load of Frieze art fair. To sum it up, Moniker was truly amazing. For the second year running Moniker has brought something special to London during art week. Offering everyone who attended a fresh experience, where discussion is welcome, laughter is key and having a good time and making new friends is what the fair is all about. This year Moniker welcomed Australian duo Dabs and Myla to the UK for the first time. Myself and Frankie Shea have teamed up and invited Dabs and Myla to come to London and take part in the fair, they created their own project space. An installation that included a 6 foot ciggerette box, two sky scrapers (one with a moustache) and a collection of hand painted cigarettes. Over the weekend Dabs and Myla painted the exterior wall of Village Underground and Sunday saw the release of a freshly pulled 2 colour screen print.

On top of all that, artists like D*Face, Ben Eine had print releases and the fair saw visitors like Mark Ryden and Marion Peck. The fair was from October 13 - 16, if you missed it this year make sure you mark your calendar next year for Moniker Art Fair.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Inflatables by The Loyal Subjects

The Loyal Subjects have branched out of making vinyl toys in to making a new range of of Inflatable toys... I have to say, these are pretty awesome and look like lots of fun.

Grab a giant air filled Icecream by Buff Monster, one of Gary Baseman's wierd little animals "Toby's Wild Ride" or a Friends with You "Mr. TTT Bop Bag"

The unstoppable - HOW AND NOSM

Spanish born, German rasied Graffiti artists How and Nosm are unstoppable machines. From international art shows to massive murals, these guys do not stop for a minute.

Check out the massive mural they just completed in LA as part of the LA Freewall project. They also have their first LA solo show opening up at KNOW GALLERY in Los Angeles on the 15th of October. Achtung features an all new collection of their extreamly detailed painting.

These two inspire everyone to get off the couch and do something..and do it big!
Follow their blog:

DABSMYLA in London- Moniker International Art Fair

DABSMYLA are in London getting ready for the Moniker International Art Fair, where they will be exhibiting a large installation and a few new paintings... Watch this space for some progress shots as it all comes together.

If you are in London this week, do not miss the opening of Moniker Art Fair at Village Underground. Visit for more information.

Contact to request more info. on DabsMyla.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In the Wake of Dreams at Thinkspace Gallery.

Thinkspace Gallery is proud to present their upcoming exhibition, showcasing a group of female contemporary artists that are making waves in this massive ocean of contemporary art and capturing the hearts of art collectors across the world. These talented young females are a perfect example of the truly talented artists in this often over looked art movement.

"In the Wake of Dreams"
Features all New paintings, drawings
and the debut of a new print set from:

Stella Im Hultberg
Mari Inukai
Audrey Kawasaki
Amy Sol

Reception with the artists:
Sat., October 8th 5-8PM

Exhibition Runs: Oct. 8th - Oct. 29th

View the flickr preview photos here.

DABSMYLA invade London!!

Dabs Myla ‘The Fastest Way to Smoking Pleasure

Live painting at Moniker Art Fair
Installation inside the fair,
workshops and more!!

Represented by Shea & Ziegler
Melbourne natives Dabs Myla relocated to Los Angeles in 2009. Dabs started painting graffiti in 1995, and began teaching Myla graffiti writing about ten years later, after meeting in art school where they became friends and eventually fell in love. Soon afterward, they decided they liked their collaborative pieces better than their individual work, and from that point on; they worked together exclusively, as Dabs Myla. Inspired by graffiti, travel and their wonderful chaotic life together as a couple, their paintings play Dabs’ mischievous and sometimes ribald characters off Myla’s photorealistic cityscapes.

"The artist installation we are creating for the Moniker Art Fair is going to be a little different from any of our past installations. We are working on giving the installation a lot of depth, playing with our usual aesthetic and ideas of creating a small wonderland of our imagination for people to visit and interact with. We really hope that we can create a unique experience for people, and give them the feeling like they are walking into one of our paintings by using more three-dimensional sculptural works. The installation will include a collection of colourful characters in the form of large cigarettes, an over sized cigarette pack, wood cut outs of clouds of smoke smiling over the viewers and a collection of furniture and found items, all hand painted."

Moniker International Art Fair opens on October 13th 2011 and will run until the 16th.
Its free entree and each day there are various events happening. DABSMYLA will be painting live on Saturday and on the Sunday will be doing a workshop inside the fair.

Visit for more information.

Village Underground
54 Holywell Lane

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Moniker International Art Fair - October 13-16th 2011

It’s that time of year again, where all the International Art Fairs come out of hibernation and open up to many eager art collectors and art lovers internationally. In London we have Frieze, Affordable Art Fair, and the one you should have first on your agenda- MONIKER INTERNATIONAL ART FAIR.

Following on from the hugely successful debut last year, Moniker is back to shake up London’s art fair scene once again highlighting the international scope of street art and beyond. Moniker was responsible for putting East London on the art fair map in 2010, challenging traditional conventions with both gallery exhibits and further signature project spaces ready to whet the appetites of the art crowds.

With over 10,000 people walking through its doors last year, Moniker is set to bombard the scene once again, with a matchless assemblage of artists and galleries who are often overlooked by mainstream art fairs.

Moniker has become recognised by those in tune with international art trends, along with collectors, critics and art lovers alike.

Moniker will take place in October this year at Village Underground, Shoreditch from the 13th–16th of October. In addition, Moniker Projects will continue with its philosophy of commissioning a series of offsite projects including public artworks, educational workshops and film screenings, offering visitors a number of opportunities to get involved and be informed.

Moniker Art Fair 2011 from Moniker Art Fair 2011 on Vimeo.

Village Underground
54 Holywell Lane