Sunday, October 23, 2011

New Artwork by Nom Kinnear King

Nom Kinnear King lives and works in the UK. I have had the pleasure of working with her over the past few years and she never fails to amaze me. Her beautiful paintings just continue to become more magical and skillfully painted. Here are some of her new paintings for this years Affordable Art Fair for Fine Grime Gallery.
More about Nom Kinnear King:
" From Her shed in the Norfolk countryside Nom Kinnear King creates in oils and Pencil, portraits of girls roam from town to town in a patchwork old fashioned never world, where accordions and clarinets trail their steps, their joyful and curious behaviour shadowed by sweet melancholy. "

Visit her website to see her complete collection of paintings.


brave canary said...

lovely and all, but that's a lot of very startled looking women.

Lyon Art said...

I just think this is lovely work!

Lyon Art said...

There are artist about that make you feel you wish you had created that work. This is such work. I like it!