Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Wall- London's Most Public Gallery.

Here is another project happening right now that needs funding to continue. Have a look at the video above..has some great clips of artists painting such as Dabs Myla, Ben Eine, She One, Espo and more...

The Wall: London’s Most Public Gallery

The Project

"We’re turning 5 years old here at Village underground, and in celebration we’ve decided to try and make a dream happen.

We want to build London’s most public gallery. For years this immense wall on Great Eastern Street has been host to many artists painting in the wall’s 4m X 3m recesses, they’re oddly like natural picture frames, from Steve Powers and Shepard Fairy to incredibly talented local artists. We want to evolve this informal project, turning it into an amazing permanent art space.

Why We’re Coming to Kickstarter

To do this, we need to design, build and install bullet proof metal and glass frames over the recesses to protect the art work from theft and vandalism. Importantly, this means that artists can paint on board and canvas so the work can be kept. Its been really tough over the years to see such amazing work lost as the next artist paints over it.

Saving the art work will mean that artists can sell their pieces and earn a living. That’s obviously important, but it also means that we can exhibit art that’s not just painting – photography, digital art, mixed media, even interactive work: This takes the wall onto a whole new level.

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