Friday, November 4, 2011

Faile, Fragments of Faile at Lazarides Gallery.

Faile has a new exhibition opening at Lazarides Gallery in London....
Nov. 3rd – Nov. 30th 2011

Over the course of the past decade, FAILE developed an artistic practice inflected with remixes of mass culture, and built on careful juxtapositions of seeming dualities. Fragments of FAILE allows us to see them working at one frontier of their practice, stripping their painting down to its essentials and engaging a century of the more expressive terrain of abstract portraiture.

"We set out to explore something a little looser with this new set of figurative paintings. This was also a chance to explore ideas of identity, character and narrative within our own work. Feeling very inspired by the process and the fragments that comprise much of the work we do, you could say these new works are a love affair with painting and process.

Along with the new canvasses and imagery are a series of new wood paintings. Working on the two series together felt very natural to us and each played a strong role with one another while evolving separately.

We're really excited to share the new body of work with everyone. If you're in London please stop by.

If you can't make it to London and find yourself in NYC, we have a new mural up on Houston and Bowery. We're honored to be one of the artists invited to paint this infamous wall. The mural was hand-painted in the studio and then pasted over the course of a week. Big shout out to everyone we meet while putting the work up.

Here are a few links that we will be updating with images from both the new show and the mural.

Fragments of Faile:

Houston & Bowery Mural:

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